Just in time for the holidays, we’ve compiled a list of recommended gifts for family, friends, and co-workers who have a love for the outdoors.

Whether your recipient is passionate about camping, boating, ATV-ing, or snowmobiling, here are some great options when shopping for gifts that are sure to be useful on their next adventure!

Gifts for Camping Enthusiasts

Emergency Roadside Kit

None of us want to be stranded on the road, especially when towing a camper or trailer. Having a quality Emergency Roadside Kit can make the difference between a quick roadside repair or an expensive call to the local towing company.

Portable Floor Jack

A must-have for anybody who tows frequently, a portable floor jack is better suited for the task than most bottle and scissor jacks that come standard with most trucks & SUVs.

Portable floor jacks come with carrying cases to easily stow and can easily lift a trailer for a safer & more efficient roadside tire change. We recommend a 3 ton model, which provides

plenty of power to lift most trailers, but is still light

The Fryin’ Saucer

Fried foods are a crowd-pleaser, but when frying in the house, it generally results in a dangerous, dirty, and stinky mess. Not when you’re camping, though! The good folks at The Frying Saucer Company have taken frying to the next level with The Fryin’ Saucer.

Best of all, the ring around the frying bowl is perfect for staging food that’s ready for hungry campers to enjoy.

Available direct from The Fryin’ Saucer Company online!

Gifts for Boaters

Every boater has a list of must-haves when packing for a day on the water. Here are some great gift ideas for the boater on your shopping list:

Inflatable Utility Mat

Years ago, roll-up foam mats were all the rage, but there are many downsides, including their weight, bulk, and lack of durability.

The inflatable water mat, available from multiple manufacturers, is a great alternative that stows away neatly, only takes a few minutes to inflate or deflate, and is extremely durable – even for the four-legged pooch in the family!

We recommend the Mission Reef Inflatable Water Mat, 6’x8’ size.

Day Cooler

Most households have a large cooler ready to be packed full of food, beverages, and ice. But what about when you want to take a day trip on the boat without lugging along a heavy cooler that takes up way too much space?

A small cooler with a shoulder strap that’s well-built is a great option. Modern cooler designs are even built to withstand the scorching hot sun to ensure your beverages stay cool all day long. 

We recommend the RTIC Soft Pack Cooler, 20.

Dry Bags

Dry bags make for great gifts as they can be reused with little to no care! More reliable than waterproof bags, and make for easy grab-and-go packs to store valuables. Dry Bags can come in all different shapes and sizes for easy carrying and storage! Whether the giftee is a photographer, avid boater, or someone who just values efficient design, a dry bag is a great gift!

Waterproof Speaker

A good waterproof speaker is a fantastic gift if your boater likes entertaining or keeping some good energy on the boat. A portable speaker with decent volume settings, Bluetooth, and waterproof capabilities is a fun and thoughtful gift! This gift is a fun and easy way to bring the party anywhere you go and make sure those boat outings stay lively!

Fishing Pole Organizer

Fishing gear always makes for an ideal gift for the boater in your life. A fish pole organizer is a helpful tool to keep one’s fishing gear in line and create a convenience factor for whenever they may be needed! This can add a sleek and organizational factor to your boat as well. If your boater has mentioned the itch for fishing or wants to do it more, consider getting a fish pole organizer!

Gifts for ATV & Snowmobile Enthusiasts

When it comes to powersports, comfort and quality are essential components of a great ride. Even if you’re not quite sure how well outfitted your gift recipient is, having multiple options for gear and apparel is always appreciated.

As riding conditions can vary greatly, it’s important to have options to be well-prepared for hot, cool, or wet days on the trails.

Riding Gloves

A good pair of riding gloves is comfortable and essential for staying warm and dry. Cold, wet hands are a surefire way to become miserable FAST and can also lead to frostbite. Because riding conditions vary greatly, we recommend a good mix of thin base layer gloves and thicker gloves.

Pro Tip: The higher the gram rating, the warmer the glove!


An essential when wearing a helmet, balaclavas help improve comfort and add warmth for a long day on the trails. It’s helpful to have a mix of thin balaclavas for warmer conditions and warmer ones for cooler rides.

GoPro Camera

Whether your powersports gift recipient has a love for the sport or wants to become a YouTube sensation, a GoPro camera can be the ultimate gift. There’s nothing quite like recapping a great day on the trails with friends than showing footage of the ride.

A variety of camera mounts are available to secure the camera to handlebars, helmets, and bumpers to create the perfect video effect.


Any snow sports junkie knows just how important good gear is and the difference it can make. Whether riding an ATV or taking your snowmobile out for a joyride, any active rider can appreciate a good pair of goggles.

Find a quality pair of goggles, and your snowmobile/ATV enthusiast is bound to be so surprised! New gear is always so fun, and it can be a sweet gift to show them just how well you truly know their taste too! 

Fractional Toys: Professional Providers of Recreational Equipment Rental Services

Overwhelmed with gift shopping for the outdoor adventure-seeker in your family? Consider a Fractional Toys gift card, putting your gift recipient in the driver's seat to choose their own adventure!

Whether it’s a camper, boat, or powersports rental that catches their eye, having a loved one to help pay the rental bill is a great gift option. To order Fractional Toys gift cards or book a future rental, phone our Oakdale office at 651-360-1617, or our Rogers location at 763-265-6891.