The first trip out on the road in a rig can be exciting. Just ask the countless satisfied customers of Fractional Toys! Hitting the highway in your own rented, portable home is an adventure like no other, and with all the necessary accommodations right behind the driver’s seat, the sky’s the limit for destinations.

As exciting as it is, the road to RV rental comfort isn’t always smooth. Sometimes the ride can get bumpy. What happens if you get lost, for instance? Or what if you didn’t plan ahead sufficiently and under budgeted for food? What if your pet isn’t behaving as you thought they would and prepared for?

At Fractional Toys, we strive to make your motorhome rental experience as stress-free as possible. Check out our blog on a few pre-vacay must-packs! But we’re also there to offer personalized support.

Read on to learn about the extensive supportive service you’ll get when you choose us for your recreational rental company.

We’ll Walk you Through Everything you Need to Know

Great service starts before you’re in a bind. In fact, it prevents you from getting into that bind in the first place! At Fractional Toys, we don’t just toss you the keys and throw you to the open highway. Instead, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your camper rental before the rubber hits the road.

This includes, but is not limited to the following!

Camping Essentials

You’ll need to level out your motorhome rental at the campsite, for example; this ensures the rig’s stability, promotes your fridge’s efficiency (if applicable) and takes strain off of the chassis and tires, per The Camping Advisor, an RVing lifestyle blog.

Every RV rental behaves differently, so even if you’ve rented before or are a long-time owner, getting to know how touchy (or not!) your particular camper rental is can take a load off of your shoulders.

Driving Tips

Though you won’t likely need a special license to drive our motorhome rentals, they still handle quite differently than a standard commuter car or even a relatively blocky pickup. They’re big vehicles that aren’t afraid to take up space, and your driving must reflect that.

We’ll go over what you need to know before you leave, but check out our recreational rentals blog that delves into what’s arguably the most complicated part: RV parking.

Dumping Your Waste Tanks

It’s a gross thought, but if you know how to handle your sewage and wastewater holding tanks, the process is practically stench-free. We’ve got a blog on this topic, which is a great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with tank-tending.

But rest assured we’ll also give you some hands-on training when you come to meet your RV rental! When taken care of properly, your RV’s waste management system will operate just like your home’s: you’ll forget all about it until it’s scheduled for maintenance.

We’ll Get You Everything You Need

Ask any experienced RV rental aficionado and they’ll all tell you the same thing: You won’t just need the RV if you want to have even an adequate camping experience.

Tools are required for leveling, for instance, as are hoses for tank dumping. Rest assured, though, that you won’t need to go and pay extra for these. All come standard with your motorhome rental.

What also comes standard with all our class C units: a generator, and you don’t need to pay to start using it until you exceed three hours a day.

And if you’ve happened to forget the essentials, such as toilet paper or dining sets? Rest assured that we’ve got those available too! In fact, we’re such a well-stocked recreational rental company that you could practically drive up empty-handed as far as supplies go and leave ready to start an adventure.

 Full RV Rental Access Means the Sky’s the Limit

Some recreational rental companies sell part-time rental shifts: shorter lengths of time that you’re allowed to use the rental before somebody else gets a turn. It’s common with boats, but can in some circumstances extend to other vehicles, as well—unless you rent with us, that is!

We know that you work hard for your vacation time, and we believe that you’re owed a fulfilling and stress-free experience. That’s why we’ll never chain you down with part-time rental shifts, no matter what you’ve got the keys to.

When you do business with Fractional Toys, you get full access to what you rent for the entire time you pay for it. You’re free to travel as far as you please, without worrying about anyone’s timeline but the one you set before you left.

Freedom, relaxation, and a rollicking good time—that’s what vacations should be!

Fractional Toys: Supplier of Your Dream Recreational Rentals

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