No matter which way you look at it, gas prices are high right now—so we don’t blame you if you cringe every time you go to fill up. This might also mean you’ve been putting off your RV rental vacation for the sake of your pocketbook.

But take it from Fractional Toys, your Rogers and Oakdale provider of recreational rentals: you don’t have to! You deserve some time off, and with a motorhome rental from us that starts with its gas tank full, an affordable vacation is well within reach.

Of course, you’ll probably want to work to save gas when you’re on the road; we get it. That’s why we’ve put together a few handy tips below for doing just that.

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Previously on our camper rental blog, we’ve stressed the importance of planning a variety of aspects of your trip ahead of time to save money. We’ve done this multiple times, in fact—so suffice it to say, planning is pretty darn essential!

The same, unsurprisingly, goes for gasoline. When you’ve got your route planned out ahead of time, you know roughly how much you’ll spend on the stuff and can budget accordingly. You’ll also be able to know if you can afford any side stops from a mileage perspective.

However, gasoline prices can and do fluctuate, so a bit of flexibility is needed for any RV rental vacation, no matter how much (or little) it costs. It’s best to set a target amount you’ll spend and move money around from other nonessential parts of the vacation budget —souvenir shopping—if need be.

Check Out Gasoline Apps

The world of Smartphones is truly amazing. Now you don’t need to drive around town to look for the cheapest gas prices. Your smartphone can do that for you with any number of apps that crowdsource or otherwise aggregate the prices of gasoline in a given area. Nerdwallet, your one-stop website for all things financial literacy, has put together a handy list of some of its favorites.

Keep in mind that not all gasoline apps work the same, so you might need to do some virtual shopping to find one that suits you. Some, for instance, offer cash back, while others simply tell you about gas prices in a certain spot. Not all apps are credible or seamlessly functional, too, so be sure to check out reviews to figure out how accurate and consistent the information it provides you is.

Finally, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the app before you need to use it for real so that you can avoid any surprise fees. Gas is too expensive these days to leave anything to chance.

Pack as Much Food as you Can Ahead of Time

Eating out, while a nice luxury expense now and again, can get expensive—especially if you’re on the road and need to scrounge up some grub multiple times a day. Not only is playing food by ear costly in that sense, but all the detours and side stops you need to make for ready-made meals can quickly add up in terms of gasoline.

It’s much safer from a financial standpoint to pack as much food as you can ahead of time, then, if gas money allows, set aside a certain amount for finding restaurants or driving out of your way to get there.

If the thought of packing your food in a moving vehicle sounds overwhelming, don’t fret. We’ve got an entire blog on how to best store and choose food for your next camper rental outing, so check it out for everything you need to know.

Rent Through a Credible Motorhome Rental Provider

Just like with cars, an RV needs to be in tip-top condition to get the best gas mileage that it can. Anything from neglecting an oil change to old tires can mean your engine works harder—and burns more fuel—to get from point A to point B.

That’s why it’s important to go through a reviewed and vetted recreational rentals provider like us instead of a private owner when you’re choosing your vacation rig. Not only will you no doubt receive better service up front, but you can also rest a bit easier knowing that their vehicles are both top-of-the-line and well-maintained. Your recreational rental services provider has a reputation to uphold, after all!

They can also provide you with an expert opinion on how best to save money on gas, as well as provide you with the perfect model to facilitate that for your personal situation.

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