If you’ve even gotten your toes wet in the RV market, you’ll know that shopping for one can seem just as complex as shopping for a car! There are so many variables to consider—year, make, extra features, gas mileage, interior design, you name it. Price, of course, also plays a role, and it’s perhaps the trickiest variable to deal with of all, as it’s one the dealer has the most control over.

So how can you make sure you’re getting a fair deal—not a price that’s been artificially inflated? Fractional Toys, as your Rogers and Oakdale providers of recreational rentals, camper rentals, and RV sales, is here to help. Below, we’ll dive into a few ways to notice and avoid overpriced vehicles so you can get the vacation rig you’ve worked for and deserve.

Know the Current Market

It’s, by far, the best way you can assess the price of an RV. If you know an average range of prices, you know what’s considered inflated. Knowledge is power, and it’s power that no skeevy salesperson can take away from you if they tried.

The keyword here, though, is current. No matter the year of your desired RV, it’s bound to have a different price range nowadays than it did some months ago—sometimes higher, sometimes lower. What may have been considered inflated a decade ago might be considered normal now.

While that is no reason to shell out more than you should for an RV, it’s important to understand that just because a price is higher than it was a while ago doesn’t mean that a salesperson has artificially inflated it. Other factors may be at play, and it makes you a smart shopper to know them.

Likewise, just because a model's price is lower these days doesn’t mean you’re automatically getting a great deal. If everything of a similar caliber on the market costs roughly that amount, you’d be getting a fair price at best.

Know What Features Affect Market Prices

Just like with cars, sometimes specific features can affect how much or how little an RV costs. Size is an obvious one—all other variables held constant, you’ll usually pay more for a larger vehicle than you will a smaller one.

But sometimes less obvious capabilities can lead to a spike in price that might not necessarily be considered inflated. For instance, a modern RV whose fridge can swap back and forth between gas and electric will most likely cost more than one without that capability.

Though it’s all but impossible to itemize every single feature of a motorhome on a sales bill, having a broad understanding of what’s scarce right now and what’s undesired will help you gauge if a given potential rig is worth it.

Be Open to New Brands

Some RV rental brands go through golden ages, then fall out of favor—sometimes in reverse, sometimes repeatedly. If you’ve adhered yourself to one brand, you’re essentially adhering yourself to the whims of the market.

You’ll sometimes struggle to avoid inflated prices because a salesperson can easily charge more for a brand they know is hot right now. This can leave you paying more for what’s essentially just clout and a name.

The solution? Don’t narrow your options too much. Be open to trying out new brands that you might not have previously considered. Though you should certainly research said brands beforehand—don’t just go with whatever happens to be in the sales lot—being flexible helps you to find the best deals.

Be Smart About Hidden Fees

When shopping for RVs, don’t be surprised to find that you end up paying a little more than the ticket price thanks to certain additional fees. Some of these fees are unavoidable and cannot be altered, since it’d be illegal to skimp on them; sales taxes are a good example.

But it’s absolutely within your rights to ask what additional fees you will be charged, what they amount to, and what they are for when you look into buying any recreational vehicle—RVs, motorhomes, and campers included.

Yes, it may feel awkward to assert yourself, but remember: this is a huge purchase, and even if you’re in love with the vehicle now, you might not be in love with it once all those added fees come into play. Since motorhomes cost a lot in the first place and the fees tend to be percentages of that price, unethical salespeople can use them to artificially inflate what you pay and pull the wool over your eyes.

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