Stepping out of your neighborhood and taking a trip out on the open roads is a liberating experience for most. Whether you live in the great state of Wisconsin or are planning a trip to visit, bringing your RV out is a great way to connect with the area.

With access to two of the great lakes, Wisconsin is home to so much beautiful wildlife. Wisconsin provides endless opportunities to hike, fish, camp, and much more. Fractional Toys wants to share the journey with you! With our RV and Motorhome rentals, the world is your oyster.

Here are just a few of the wonderful places your RV rental can bring you to in Wisconsin!

Chequamegon National Forest

With over 1,500,000 acres of remarkable forest, Chequamegon is a Wisconsin landmark that will take your breath away. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that Chequamegon has to offer, or take a stab at conquering the outdoors.

Chequamegon is also a popular fishing site for those who enjoy catching several different types of fish, including muskellunge, the state fish of Wisconsin. There’s so much opportunity for fishing, foraging, climbing, and hiking. Even if you’re visiting in the colder months, you may find it appealing to snowshoe, snowmobile, or cross-country ski.

Let Fractional Toys will equip you with all your camping and outdoor needs so you can take full advantage of what the great outdoors of Wisconsin has to offer!

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a beloved and popular spot amongst Wisconsinites. A popular destination spot for any, as it offers beautiful scenery and plenty of activities to do aside from camping.

You’ll find a genuine camp experience at one of the neighboring RV campsites close to the water and wooded areas. Seeing the sites will lead you to many beaches, lake activities, hiking and bike rentals, local restaurants, and even a waterpark!

If you enjoy the quiet serenity that the outdoors brings you, but still enjoy connecting with local shops and ventures, Lake Geneva will be the perfect spot to bring your RV for a getaway.

Egg Harbor - Door County

Door County is a charming area of Wisconsin with the beautiful Egg Harbor Village. This peninsula off Lake Michigan will make you fall in love with small-town living. Taking your RV to Door County may put you in tune with your surroundings while enjoying the crisp air and all that Egg Harbor has to offer.

If you visit in the summer, be sure to check out the cherry orchards. You can even try your hand at cooking or baking with some local Door County cherries. Here are some tips for camping dining needs that you may need to get those culinary skills going.

Known for their deliciously sweet local cherries, you’ll find plenty of restaurants incorporating cherries and cherry wine into every menu. You and your rig are bound to plan your next trip back to this quaint and peaceful space in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. 

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