Summer road trip season is almost upon us, and with the kids out of school, there’s no better time to hit the highway and spend some quality time together. As idyllic as it may sound, though, being confined to the same space for hours at a time can weigh on the most tightly bonded of families, and sometimes kids have different ideas of fun than their parents do. In short: if you’re not properly prepared, your all-ages RV road trip could turn sour quickly.

Luckily, though, Fractional Toys is here to make that impossible with the information below. Read on for a few tips on making this summer’s camper rental vacation the best one yet for all parties involved!

Consider Your Kids’ Luggage

Camper Guru, a traveling and lifestyle website, says this in its article about RVing with kids: “Everything that you unpack has to be locked up in a cabinet by the time you start driving. There’s nothing more annoying than flying toys and a forgotten lego piece underneath your left foot.”

We couldn’t agree more! Previously on our motorhome rental blog, we talked about this concept in relation to food storage, wherein it’s simple enough—but it gets a little more complex with kids. Little ones aren’t the most pragmatic packers, and it can be tricky to explain to them that no, they don’t need to pack that giant stuffed animal if they want to have fun on this trip and that they’ll forget about it in an hour even if they do.

Consider giving your kids their own storage compartment in the RV itself, wherein they can pack any nonessential item they please—provided it fits inside that compartment. Having a packing space that’s just like yours can make them feel important, and you can take advantage of that to cut down on potential toy clutter.

Snacks are a Pre-Rec

“Hangry” isn’t just something that applies to adults. Any parent will tell you that kids get grumpy when not properly fed, too—and there’s no better way to ruin a vacation than with cranky children!

Before hitting the road, make sure you stock up on snacks. We know that in the camper rental blog we mentioned above, we said not to bulk up on too much food, and this still holds true, but even if you bought too many of your kids’ favorite snackables, they’d still get eaten after you got home. Provided it doesn’t become a space issue, bring along a little more than you think you’ll need. Trust us: it’s a load off your back to be able to drive without constantly thinking about nourishing your kids, and without someone complaining about it in the backseat.

Plan Kid-Friendly Meals

On a food-related note, we also have advised previously to plan meals ahead of time—but this is especially true if you're traveling with youngsters. Kids are notoriously picky eaters, and while the older ones are often less demanding, toddlers stick to their own original regimented diet plan and may take offense to trying new things.

It’s a good idea to stick to camper-friendly old favorites, such as instant oatmeal and familiar nonperishables. That’s not to say you can’t eat healthy at the same time, though! You know your kid’s dietary preferences best; you’ll just need to plan ahead for them and work in the healthful foods just like you do at home.

Plan In-Camper Entertainment

Face it: kids get bored, quickly. While they may be far better off once you’ve reached a campground and they can stretch their legs, the fact of the matter is that, while inside the camper, there isn’t much to do in their eyes. Family Vacation Critic, a website which reviews family travel destinations, has concocted this helpful list of products and games that you can use to keep your kids occupied.

You don’t need to go shopping extensively for family entertainment, though; try to capitalize on what your kids already enjoy. If you’ve got an art nut on your hands, for instance, tell them to pack their art kit, as they’ll most likely have a table and plenty of time to use it. Favorite movies and music are also always safe bets for all sorts.

Take Your Kids With you to Look at RV Rentals

If you’re making the smart decision to rent, you’ll need to rent with the whole family in mind to get the most out of your experience—and provided your kids are old enough to communicate their opinions, why not bring them along with you to pick out the model? While you’ll of course be making the final decision, having your youngsters along for the ride can help them feel like they’re taking some ownership of their camping experience, especially if they’re school-age.

If you’re planning an all-ages vacation, too, having all ages present when you make your decisions can help you visualize how your family might use and live in a given recreational rental.

Fractional Toys: All Sorts of Recreational Rentals for All Sorts of Families

RV rentals are only one way to have a blast this summer with your family. For the full range of recreational rental opportunities Fractional Toys offers, reach our Oakdale office at 651-360-1667 or our Rogers location at 763-265-6891.