The weather is getting colder, and most Minnesotans have started bracing themselves for a few months indoors – but you don’t have to stay inside this year. Explore the outdoors this winter with snowmobiles, ice fishing houses, and cabin rentals.

With winter on the way, don’t worry about staying cooped indoors. Instead, start planning your next adventure. No matter how much snow comes in the next few months, there’s one activity that you can keep looking forward to – snowmobiling.  With snowmobile trails all over Minnesota, you can discover the natural beauty of the state. Explore the backroads or the forest trails. Have fun in your own backyard or head up north to your cabin. Either way, find speed and fresh air this winter while snowmobiling in Minnesota.

If you like to find your adventure at a more relaxed speed, don’t forget about ice fishing. Take advantage of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes this winter with a wheeled ice house from Fractional Toy Store. Plan an ice fishing trip for a weekend with your friends or teach your kids the art of ice fishing like only a Minnesotan could. Don’t leave Minnesota fishing for warmer weather – plan your trip to the lake this winter.

If you prefer the indoors but still want to soak in the northern beauty with fresh snow and frosted trees, remember that Fractional Toy Store provides deals on Minnesota cabin rentals through Fairway Ridge. With luxury cabins near Giant’s Ridge Golf and Ski Resort, you can have all the warmth and amenities of your home with access to all the adventure a ski resort can provide. Plan an extended weekend vacation or a trip for your family over winter break.

Explore Minnesota this winter with Fractional Toys, a year-round recreational toy club with access to outdoor toys for all seasons. From snowmobiles to ATVs and ice houses to boats, you can play outdoors any time of the year.

Don’t let the cold keep you indoors! Contact Fractional Toys and start planning your next adventure today.