Do you like to play with outdoor recreational vehicles? Do you love fishing, snowmobiling, and RVing, but feel that the cost of owning and maintaining all three machines is too much? Then look no further. Through a variety of membership options, Fractional Toy Store can give you access to these outdoor toys and more.

Fractional Toys membership comes in a variety of levels. Based on a point system, each level up – from Club, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – provides you with more points, which means more opportunities to play with the toys of your choice. All levels give you access to any item in the fleet. Choose from lake boats, jet skis, RV homes, ATVs, snowmobiles, and ice fishing houses. No matter what level membership you choose, create the perfect plan for your play time.

Don’t forget about corporate memberships! Get a membership for your company and use our recreational vehicles to take out key clients, reward your top earners, throw a fun team-building activity, or thank vendors and partners. Whether your company is large or small, a flexible corporate membership gives a personal touch to your business with some outdoor fun.

If you’re not sure about a membership or only have a seasonal interest, don’t worry! Try out the company with one-time rental options. Rent a boat for a day or choose a snowmobile rental for the weekend, and get a preview of the fun and adventure FTS members can access.

Contact Fractional Toys to discuss these flexible membership options, and start playing today!