According to the Weather Channel, July is the hottest month of the year in Minnesota. In addition to heat, Minnesotans know July is the best month for tank tops, watermelon, sweat and cooling off in the water. Take advantage of the summer heat while it lasts and reserve a 2013 Seadoo GTI Waverunner.

The Waverunner seats three, so it’s the perfect recreational vehicle for tubing. Hook up your tube and start making some waves. On a jetski, you can set the pace, so take your tubers on a relaxing course with easy waves and splashes, or turn up the heat – so to speak – and take them on a wild, crashing ride.

Whatever you need from the water, a jetski can help you find it.

Want some family fun? Bring each of your kids for a ride on the jetski. Show them the wonder of creating waves and teach them the thrill of jumping across the water.

Want some romance? Take your special girl or guy out on the water in the late evening. Feel the excitement of their arms wrapped around you while you pick up speed, and finish off the adventure while you watch the sun set together.

Want some solitude? Find peace on the water while taking a ride. The only thing you need to think about is the wind, the waves, and the jetski.

With a Fractional Toys Membership, you can have access to a 2013 Seadoo GTI Waverunner for Minnesota boating all summer long.

Fractional Toys is a year-round recreational toy club that gives you access to outdoor toys without the total cost of ownership. Such toys include recreational boats, RV trailers, ATVs, ice fishing houses, snowmobile rentals, and Minnesota cabin rentals.

Start beating the heat today. Contact Fractional Toys and find out how to create your next jetskiing adventure.