Increased collaboration, creativity and trust, better communication and relationships – all of these benefits are the result of one simple activity: team building exercises.


When you’re running a business, there are so many deadlines and protocols that it is easy to forget what makes your company successful – your employees working well together. Taking the time to do team building activities will not only bring your team closer together, it will improve your productivity and make your work more satisfying.


The Small Business Chronicle says that you should “hold your team-building activities in a neutral location…where any sentiment from the office won’t be so palpable.” So where should you bring your team when the whole point of these activities is for them to relax and have some fun? The perfect place for team building exercises is on one of Fractional Toy’s premier boats.


With the weather warming up, boating in Minnesota lets your team get out of the office for some much needed fresh air. In the winter, everyone feels trapped inside, so throwing a lake boat party for your company is the perfect reminder to your staff that their job can be as enjoyable and fun as a day on the water.


Whether on a boat or at the marina, you can bring small groups out as a reward and use get-to-know-you activities to remind your team that everyone is unique and has something to offer the group. Maybe you’re struggling with communication between different departments. Split your teams up and mix them around. A day of Minnesota boating is sure to inspire new friendships across the divides of your company.


You can do all this and more with a corporate membership from Fractional Toys. With a wide range of outdoor toys and luxury boats, your company gains access to these recreational vehicles without any of the maintenance or storage issues.


Don’t hesitate! Contact Fractional Toys and bring your team closer together today.