Have you been trapped indoors for the last six months? Attached to your recliner and TV? Avoiding the ice, the cold, and the outdoors? Well, spring is here, and it’s time to embrace your freedom. Get outside and play!


Relaxing and having fun isn’t an indulgence – it’s a necessity. The National Institute for Play believes that adults who take the time to play improve their physical and mental health, their relationships, and their creativity.


But you’re an adult, so what toys can you play with? That’s easy – recreational vehicles! Since it’s too warm for snowmobiling and a bit too cold for boating, the perfect toy for spring weather is a four wheeler.


Four wheeling lets you roll out of the stuffy office and into the fresh air. Reconnect with nature while you conquer Minnesota ATV trails. Nothing can stop you on an all-terrain vehicle. No matter what you find – snow, water, mud, boulders – ATVs give you the power to master it all.


Whether you want to go on a solo adventure or spend the day with your buddies, driving off-road through Minnesota is the best way to relax, reconnect, and enjoy the spring weather. You can rent an ATV with friends to hit up your favorite trail, or dish out some romance and create a unique and memorable date. Be sure to check out weekend/weekly specials and deals for dual rentals.


Don’t own a four wheeler? Wondering how can you make this happen? Get a Fractional Toys membership.  Fractional Toys is a year-round recreational toy club that gives you access to all your favorite toys for one annual price. Don’t stay cooped up any longer! Contact Fractional Toy Store and start playing today.