Snow is melting and Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes are beginning to thaw. Every Northerner knows what that means – it’s time to get out your shorts and sunglasses, because spring is here!


After hibernating for the last six months it’s time to get outdoors, soak up some Vitamin D, relax and take a vacation from behind your computer screen.


Are you a skeptic? Not quite ready to give up your long-sleeved shirts and believe in the heat and sunny beach days? Don’t worry! Kick off the season by four wheeling. Grab a couple of your buddies and hit some Minnesota ATV trails. Tear into the earth while it’s nice and muddy – and reclaim the outdoors.


Soon enough, you won’t be able to resist a day on the water. Rent a boat for the day and make some waves. Whether you’re holding on tight while water-skiing or just dangling your feet into the water during a quiet morning of fishing, you’ll find your bliss at the lake. Get onto the water early and don’t leave until the sun sets.


Looking for a longer-lasting activity? Go RVing. A weekend camping trip is the perfect way to unwind while staying close to home. Rent a family RV and explore Minnesota’s state parks. Go hiking, roast some marshmallows, and never worry about pitching a tent or keeping your food cold.


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