With so many elements of your business to run – scheduling, bills, contracts, deadlines – it’s easy to let the most important element get brushed aside: people. Whether they’re your employees, managers, or clients, the company you run couldn’t exist without them.


So what can you do to keep them around? Reward them by getting out of the office and into some good, old-fashioned Minnesota fun.


Get the edge on your competitors and meet your top clients out on the water by renting a boat for the day. Discuss your business plan while fishing or have fun together water skiing. Allowing your clients to physically work side by side with you promotes trust and opens up the lines of communication – ensuring a better business relationship with you.


Additionally, you can reward top earners or recognized team members with a family day on the lake. Create a competition among your staff – whoever sells the most or reaches a company goal first can choose between a day of four wheeling or a day of jet skiing. By recognizing one team member, you’re sending a message to the rest and letting them know what goals your company values most.


Don’t forget about team building activities! Schedule an ice fishing trip for your company retreat. Throw a lake boat party for your staff and their family. Getting your team out of their routine and into a new environment improves office relationships, boosts morale and promotes creativity.


A happy team and happy clients can only lead to one thing – a happy company.


So how can you treat your top clients and team members to all of this? Join Fractional Toys.