If you love playing in the great outdoors like we do, you’re probably also tempted by the plethora of great toys and vehicles available. While owning a toy or two for every season would be a blast, the total cost of ownership – not to mention maintenance – can be hard to swallow.

Fractional Toy Store has your solution. Unlike the traditional boat club, we offer a wider variety of recreational vehicles for more seasons:

  • Spring – Explore Minnesota’s trails with a snowmobile or ATV
  • Summer – Relax or party with friends on one of our boats
  • Fall – Take a family RV camping trip or hold team building activities in the clubhouse
  • Winter – Stay comfortable on the lake in an ice fishing house

You can choose a level that meets your lifestyle with a toy and boat club membership at Fractional Toy Store. Our unique structure gives you a certain number of redeemable points that you can use on the toys you want, whether that means trying every toy once or focusing on the activates you really love. The best part? We do all of the housing and upkeep – letting you just experience the perks of ownership!

Get the most from your membership and benefit from:

  • Full-day toy and boat access, with no part-time shifts
  • A lower membership ratio and a guaranteed weekend with the toy of your choice
  • No price inflations for members of good standing
  • Extraordinary personalized service

Not sure if membership is right for you? Preview Fractional Toy Store by trying daily toy and boat rentals, or sign up for an FTS Card for the season. Based on your preferences, we can suggest the right membership level for you or your company when you’re ready.

Want to get started? Contact Fractional Toys today to discuss your favorite outdoor activities and to see how we can help you play your way!