As you start making plans for your spring vacation, why not do something completely different? We recommend renting an RV from Fractional Toys. We offer a broad range of RVs in Oakdale, Minnesota and the surrounding Twin Cities area. An RV gives you the opportunity to go wherever you want while adding all the features and accessories you need. No matter how small or large your group is, we have the right RV for you.


Fractional Toys RV Features:

Our RV’s have lots of features that will enhance your vacation. Some of our features include:


Media. Many of our RVs are loaded with options for radios and even options for satellite radio.


Kitchen & Bath. Two of the most important rooms in any RV are the kitchen and bathroom. Our RVs range from half-baths and mini-kitchens to full rooms with all the amenities you could need.


Bedding. Whether you bunk with someone in a single bed or go a bit larger with a queen-sized bed, you’ll have plenty of room for a good night’s sleep.


AC. It may be warm outside, but you can cool off in any of our RVs. We provide full AC or heat so that you can stay comfortable no matter what is going on outside.


Awning. If you like spending time outside but don’t want to be in the sun, our awnings provide lots of shade. They’re large enough to for multiple people to sit underneath.


Additional Accessories. Need more equipment than what you can bring yourself? We have numerous accessories you can rent for your trip!


What Are The Benefits of Renting an RV?

In addition to the many features that RVs offer, there are other benefits to renting an RV:


●        Can provide additional space if you are staying in a cabin or hotel with limited room.

●        Gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want when you want.

●        You cut down on wear and tear of your own vehicle.

●        Allows you to enjoy the woods without spending the night in a small tent.

●        RV rental is surprisingly affordable. You can stay within your vacation budget.

●        Your family will love it!


RV Rental Available From Fractional Toys

If you’re thinking about doing something different this spring, then RV rental is the way to go. Fractional Toys offers recreational rentals for several types of outdoor toys such as campers, RVs, ATVs, and boats. We can fill your summer up with all types of outdoor activities! Our service extends to renters in Oakdale, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a rental, contact us at 651-340-0937, or you can message us at