It’s summertime, which means time to hit the open road, and there’s nothing like a family vacation in an RV. But as the Munro family learned in the fun summer vacation flick “RV” starring Robin Williams and Cheryl Hines, sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned. When Bob Munro surprises his family at the last minute by switching their Hawaiian vacay to an epic RV trip to Colorado, mayhem ensues.


Their adventures might bring their family closer together, but they manage to rain destruction down on their poor, innocent recreational rental. Take a few lessons from the movie “RV” in how not to care for your RV rental.


The Munro family is to their rental RV what a wild pack of rabid boars would be to a royal wedding. Here are just three of the arguably least destructive things they manage to do:

●        Allowing their teen to put stickers on the inside of the RV

●        Destroying the awning

●        Deploying a stink bomb in the RV


1. Drive Carefully

It’s a good idea to make sure the person driving your vehicle is comfortable with driving a large recreational vehicle or at the very least, competent. “RV” would have been a completely different film if Mrs. Munro had simply taken over the driving. Bob is possibly the worst driver imaginable. When his wife finally takes over because he is too sleep-deprived to drive, she manages to keep the vehicle safely on the road and even navigates a sharp turn without troubles using her after-school mom traffic skills.


Don’t be like Bob. Over the course of the film, Bob manages to plow over:


●        Shopping carts

●        A brick pillar

●        Trash cans

●        A canoe

●        Enough trees to build a small house


2. Road Signs Are There For a Reason

If that wasn’t bad enough, Bob completely disregards road signs warning drivers about dangerous areas. He drives onto a road meant for 4 wheel drive vehicles only, nearly destroying the RV in the process. Even after being literally run over by the RV thanks to that error, he repeats the mistake later with his entire family on board by driving onto yet another 4 wheel drive or chain-only road. To make matters worse, Bob damages the parking brake early in the film and obviously keeps driving the RV across the country. Rather than getting the brake repaired immediately, he jeopardizes his family’s safety by parking the RV, sans parking brake, near a lake, where it predictably rolls right in.


3. Read the Instructions

Throughout the film, the Munros demonstrate exactly why you should take the time read the instructions that come with your motorhome rentals. Nothing kills the family fun vibes like a concussion, but because Bob does not read the manual, he nearly gives both of his kids one.


When the Munro family first takes off, Bob’s catastrophic driving ends up dumping a cabinet full of pots and pans on his children’s heads. If he had only read the manual, he would have taken the time to secure their belongings in the cabinets. He also exposes a group of strangers to any number of biohazards because he can’t be bothered to read the instructions for emptying the septic tank. When Bob fails to hook the hoses up properly, he sends a torrent of human waste on himself and everyone around him.


Recreational Rentals

If you have always dreamed of an epic trip across this beautiful country, an RV vacation could be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. But be sure to treat your rental well so you can make it safely to your destination. In the film “RV,” Bob comes out on top with a new job and a closer family, but in real life, his wife would have left him back in the desert the day before he ended up in traction.


If you treat your RV trailer rentals well, they will bring you back home safely with plenty of lasting memories. We bring the fun with ATV rentals, boat rentals, snowmobile rentals, ice house rentals, and more. Whether you are looking to embark on the perfect family road trip, rent a snowmobile, or secure temporary housing services, contact us at 651-340-0937, or you can message us at