One of the great things about renting or owning a side by side is the ability to go on off-road adventures. Safe operation of your side by side is key in protecting you and your loved ones while you ride. By knowing the safety features of your new side by side and how to use them properly, your ride can be enjoyable and safe. Fractional Toys shares the things you need to know to operate your side by side ATV safely.


Safety for Your Side by Side Begins with Gear

Having the right safety equipment is critical in the safe operation of your side by side. You want to enjoy your time on your side by side without injury. You should always use the safety belts and harnesses on the vehicle at all times. Here are some important safety items to have on every ride:


●        DOT Rated Helmet

●        Protection for Your Eyes

●        Gloves

●        Protective Clothing

●        Boots with Ankle Protection


Off-Road Means Avoid Public Roads

Side by sides are specifically off-road vehicles. The tires on your side by side are specifically designed for off-road use. Off-road tires do not handle well on paved roads and could cause damage to the side by side. It is also illegal in most states to operate an off-road vehicle on public roads.


Hold on to Those Handholds!

We know that side by side you just rented or purchased is an open-air vehicle, but it is important to keep your legs and arms inside the vehicle. Use the handholds on the frame, especially on rough terrain. Remember, your side by side is a bit top heavy, and that roll cage is there for a reason. If your arms and legs are sticking out, you could get a serious injury in a roll or tip.


Drive that Side by Side Sober

Having fun outdoors is great when you have a beer or two, but leave the driving to someone sober. Your reaction time when using alcohol or drugs slows down, so you cannot react quickly to changes in terrain. Save the celebratory drink for after the ride. Operate your side by side safely and soberly.


Mind the Trail

When planning the perfect ride on that side by side you just rented or purchased, remember you should not be blazing new trails through thick vegetation. Keeping to trails will help you avoid damage to the side by side. You want to enjoy the ride and not get stuck. Keeping to the established trails will keep you riding all day.


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