Whether you’re going on a hunting trip or looking to dust off your snow skis, we can provide you protection during the fall and early winter seasons with one of our sturdy tent campers. Our tent campers are loaded with plenty of options and room enough for you to get a good night’s sleep. Read below to find out more about all the features and benefits of our tent campers.


Plenty of Room to Sleep

Taking a weekend trip in the great outdoors as it starts to get colder outside can be something that the whole family can enjoy. There’s nothing quite like a visit to a Minnesota State Park or a fishing expedition on a lake. Our tent campers are built to sleep up to five people. They come with a queen bed and a dinette bed. Both are spacious enough for your family to sleep comfortably.


Check Out the Living Area

Our 2017 Forest River Flagstaff Tent Camper is small enough to pull behind your pickup truck but surprisingly large enough for an entire living area. It consists of a dinette area, a skylight, an AC or heater, and a sink for washing. Whether you want to eat, play cards or just relax, you can do whatever you want inside the camper. All of our camper products are built with the highest quality material in the industry. If you have kids camping with you, our tent camper is perfect for their lively activity.


Enough Kitchen for Cooking

We hope you brought enough food for everyone because the Flagstaff comes fully equipped with a stove and a microwave! Both can be powered using a generator or your truck's power supply. They provide plenty of heat for you to cook entire meals. No matter what you have in mind, you can cook it in the tent camper.


Additional Features

In addition to plenty of sleeping, living, and cooking facilities, the Forest River Flagstaff also offers other features and benefits that you will find handy. For instance, it comes with a six-gallon hot water heater for washing dishes or bathing. All appliances such as the stove and microwave can be powered using auto-ignite. You can also take advantage of additional outside storage for all your hunting or camping supplies.


We Have the Perfect Campers for Your Adventure

Fractional Toys offers a wide array of RVs, tents, and snowmobiles that will equip you for the fall and winter seasons. To get your reservation in early, call us at 651-340-0937. We serve all clients in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota areas.