Google the words “Off-Roading Adventure,” and you’ll likely see seasoned, professional ATV, motorbike, or SUV drivers executing some impossible feat in a manner that mimics a Marvel superhero.

Yet not all off-roading experience is that extreme, and not all riders are that skilled. Take, for example, your average American family looking to try something a little different.

Fractional Toys offers ATV rentals and snowmobile rentals for all types of riders with various skill levels. For example, one of our most common clients is your average family.

Here are some reasons why off-roading can be a fun vacation for families!

Togetherness in the Great Outdoors

Families love to spend time together. Most of their destinations, however, include a trip to a popular resort, theme park, or tourist trap. Their time together is more or less spent going from attraction to attraction at a hurried pace while actually taking any of it.

Whether in the summer or during the colder months, offroading allows the family to bond in nature without any distractions, crowds, or over-commercialized vacation spots. The family that rides together is likely to engage in experiences that prove to be memorable and exciting.

The best part is each member of the family is experiencing it together!

Nowhere to Escape

While the whole point of a vacation is to escape, families often get pulled in different directions due to their personal interests. An ATV or snowmobile rental keeps the family together simply because no one wants to be left behind. Your family can put away the mobile devices (which probably have limited connectivity in the wild) and enjoy each other’s company.

Going outdoors provides a built-in “stay together” opportunity in which families talk together, engage in activities, and draw closer to one another as each person works towards a common goal: getting to the end of the trail.

Team Building & Group Planning

There’s nothing easy about off-roading. It presents a range of new challenges that are rarely achieved alone. Therefore, your family must work together and help each other in ways they’ve never had to before.

ATV adventures also give you the opportunity to plan the trip with your family. Each member can contribute to the planning and come up with ideas for how to make the trip even more enjoyable.

Plus, you and your family can learn the proper ways to ride on trails so that all other riders have a good time as well. The Midwest offers plenty of trails and outdoor adventures for families!

Shared Education, Understanding, & Awareness

You may have an appreciation for the outdoors. Now is the time to pass on that appreciation to your spouse and children.

If your kids are not used to being outdoors, an ATV rental will help them learn about life outside the four walls. They will gain a valuable understanding of what life is like in the mountains, around the lakes, or in the woodlands.

You can teach our family about outdoor survival, nature preservation, and why getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is beneficial for well-being. Your family will also learn new skills they didn’t know they possessed. You can teach them about ATV safety, building fires, cooking on the grills, putting a tent up, or fishing.

You can also talk about the history and culture of the area!

They’ll Want to Come Back

Don’t be surprised if your family adds an off-road adventure to their list of things to do again and again. At first, your spouse or children may not want to go on this trip because they’re not used to it. Once they spend time outdoors, they’ll soon discover how much fun an ATV or snowmobile rental can be, especially if the vacation is planned well.

They’ll probably ask to return or go on another adventure elsewhere. It's a way to plan the trip you’ve always dreamed of with your family.

Tips for Off-Roading With Kids

Now that you’re convinced that an off-roading adventure is perfect for your next family vacation, let us explain a few tips for off-roading with kids to ensure everyone is safe and has a great time, no matter what age.

Make the Route Age Appropriate

The most important part about off-roading with kids is considering their ages and your family’s previous experience. If you’re new to off-roading, perhaps consider an easier route to ease the family into the experience.

If you have older kids or teenagers who are used to this activity, you can plan a little more excitement into the route. Include your family in the decision-making process while you plan this trip to ensure everyone will have a good time.

Try Forests & Public Land

For a first-time off-roading adventure, you can try going to a forest or public land. National forests and parks are great choices for off-roading adventures with younger children. The trails are usually maintained, which means no surprises to overcome.

Many public lands will also allow all or certain types of off-road vehicles, so make sure your rentals are included in that last.

Pack Necessary Supplies

When off-roading, make sure you pack any trail maps that you’ll need. Reviewing the routes with the whole family is a good idea so everyone is on the same page and knows where to go.

While packing for your trip, include your kids so they learn what kinds of things need to be included when packing for camping and off-roading trips. Don’t forget the safety gear!

Learn How to Get Unstuck

If you find yourself stuck while riding an ATV, don’t panic. Avoid spinning your wheels, as that might cause you to get deeper in the mud. Get help from other family members or possibly other passing riders.

And if you are developing a plan, consider all angles before trying it to ensure everyone’s safety. The best way to avoid getting stuck is by sticking to trails you are comfortable with and maintaining a steady pace.

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