Snowmobile adventures can be one of the most enjoyable activities you participate in during the winter months in Minnesota. When going on an adventure—especially a trip to the deep woods—it is important to bring all the necessary supplies and equipment for safety and convenience.


Fractional Toys offers snowmobile rentals in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Our snowmobiles are designed for riders of all ages and skill levels. To schedule a rental date, contact us today. Below are some essential tools and supplies for your trip.

1. Proper Clothing

Make sure you bring plenty of insulated clothing on your trip. Your clothing should be wind and water-resistant. Loose clothing is preferable. You’ll want to have adequate boots, sunglasses, gloves, headgear, and thick clothing underneath the jacket.

2. Snowshoes or Skis

Snowshoes are important for walking in thick snow out in the wilderness. You can purchase standard snowshoes or inflatable snowshoes. Make sure your shoes fit comfortably without sliding off. You also want to invest a little money in quality snowshoes instead of buying cheap shoes. You may also want to bring along snow skis for a little extra fun.

3. Food

It’s always difficult to determine how much food you should bring with you on a trip. The main issue here is carrying on too much weight. Therefore, you may want to opt for eating light throughout the trip instead of carrying a bunch of food items with you if you plan to camp where you stop each day. If you have a designated camping spot, however, then bring plenty of food you can cook over a fire or small stove. In case of emergencies bring extra rations and set them aside.

4. Additional Fuel

You’ll need fuel for two reasons: First, you need to fill up the snowmobile tanks. Second, you may carry a propane tank with you for a small gas grill. If so, bring extra propane and gasoline. You never know if you are going to need it. Both fuel sources should help you out if in an emergency.

5. Additional Snowmobile Parts

Unlike ATVs, snowmobiles have few parts. Thus, they require less maintenance and repairs. Two spare parts you may want to have around included the extra drive belt and spark plug. While other parts are important, you won’t be able to start the engine without these two parts. Therefore, they’re vital to completing your trip.

6. Emergency Supplies

Don’t forget to take some emergency supplies with you on your trip. Supplies include a first aid kit, map, compass, hatchet, rope, emergency flares, a tarp for shelter, and block and tackle. With the proper emergency supplies, you can make through most emergencies.

7. Alternate Communication

The last thing on the list that you should consider is investing in an alternate mode of communication. We recommend long-range walkie-talkies. You can purchase durable, long-range units that reach up to 25 miles regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. Purchase a device for each team (if your group splits up) and yourself. You may also want to align your frequencies with a third-party such as a check-in station or a park ranger.

Snowmobile Rental in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are looking for snowmobile rental in Minneapolis, Minnesota, contact Fractional Toys. We offer a wide range of rentals for all types of vehicles including ATVs, trailgaters, snowmobiles, and ice houses.


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