Winters can be fun in Minnesota! The snow and cold weather bring lots of opportunities for outdoor adventures. But the snow can also limit your travel. That’s why we recommend getting your snowmobile rentals in early. Snowmobiles are great for traveling through the woods, fields, or up and down hills on a thick blanket of snow.


One or Two-Person Snowmobile Rentals

Whether you’re looking for a single snowmobile model or going for a two-person transport, you can rent a snowmobile for all occasions. Before you decide, we recommend calling us and telling us what you’ll be using the snowmobiles for. For instance, if your adventure includes going up and down a lot of hills or slightly rugged terrain, you may find that a one-person snowmobile is safer and more comfortable. You’ll also want to consider the experience level of the operator before adding a second person to the machine.


What to Consider When Renting a Snowmobile

Before you rent a snowmobile, there are a few questions you’ll want to answer:


●        What is the date of your excursion? Have you scheduled your rentals far enough in advance?

●        Are you renting during the holidays? Keep in mind holidays are a busy time for us. Now is the time to secure your snowmobiles.

●        What is the purpose of using the snowmobiles? Are you going for a joyride or using the snowmobiles as a utility transport to reach a destination?

●        What is the length of your rental? How many days will you be gone?


Answering all of these questions can help us put together a rental package that is perfect for you and your group.


Snowmobile Safety

At Fractional Toys, safety is always our primary concern. Therefore, we strive hard to provide vehicles that are dependable, functional, and safe for all ages over 25 years. We encourage you and everyone in your group to practice safety at all times. Safety can mean the difference between an enjoyable trip and a disaster. If you have any questions about safety measures, we can go over all guidelines and give you tips on how best to operate your snowmobile.


Fractional Toys is Here for Your Winter Fun!

Fractional Toys is the leader in seasonal fun. We provide a wide range of RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and campers that take your fun to the next level. To make reservations, call us at 651-340-0937. We provide fun for all thrill seekers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.