Shout the words “Road Trip!!” and most people automatically go into Thelma & Louise mode. Throw a few items together, jump in the Mustang Convertible and take off. When planning a road trip with family or a large group, however, that approach will often lead to a Thelma & Louise ending—not good.


If you want to plan a hassle-free vacation with your family or friends, read our tips below for planning the perfect road trip.


●        Avoid Last-Minute Rentals

If you plan to rent a motorhome or camper with ATVs or a golf cart in tow, you need to secure your vehicle in advance. Reserving your rental ahead of time ensures you will get the exact ride you are looking for. We recommend you make your reservation at least three months in advance of the trip. Although Fractional Toys has plenty of models to choose from, an early reservation will guarantee you the model of your choice.


●        Map Out Your Trip

You may know your destination, but do you know your route and your stops along the way? If you plan your meals, your hotels, and side attractions along the way, then everyone will be on the same page. When everyone agrees on the stops along the way before you hit the road, it will create a healthier dynamic in the group. 


●        Have a Budget

When it comes to road trips, finances can get out of control fast, especially if you don’t know how much money you plan to spend in different categories. This is why planning your trip in advance down to the smallest detail is a good idea, even if you deviate from the plan a bit here and there.


Remember, no matter how well you plan your trip, there will always be hidden costs. Be sure to account for the following:


○        Fuel

○        Travel rental

○        Food

○        Lodging

○        Attractions

○        Emergency money

○        Tolls, fees, and hidden add-ons

○        Souvenirs

○        Supplies


●        Look for Ways to Save Money

If you want to spend money on the important items, find ways to save money on the non-essentials. For instance, if food is not your top priority, then load your RV or camper rental with low-cost groceries instead of eating out every chance you get.


Also, do your research. Find coupons and discounts that are applicable to all your destinations. You can also compare rates and prices for just about any vacation expense.


●        Pack Enough, But Not Too Much

If you weigh your RV or camper down, you will ultimately spend considerably more on fuel. Likewise, If you cram your rental camper with everything you own, you and others will be cramped inside the camper with limited space to move around. So, pack strategically. Organize your stuff, and only take what you need or are actually going to use.

Recreational Vehicle Rentals in Minneapolis, MN

If you are planning your road trip this season, then reserve your RV, camper, ATV, or jet ski rental with Fractional Toys. We offer a wide range of recreational rentals for all seasons.


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