Here in Minnesota, vacationers can have just as much fun in the wintertime as they can during the summer. At Fractional Toys, we offer plenty of winter toys to keep you entertained from October through March!

Some of our most popular items include ATV rentals, snowmobile rentals, and RV trailer rentals. But when it comes to ice fishing, our ice house rentals go quickly for those wanting to catch some fish out on the frozen water! The only question is, where is a great place to ice fish?

Below are our picks for some of the most popular lakes in Minnesota for ice fishing during the winter, as well as some tips for choosing the right ice house rental for you!

What Makes For a Great Ice Fishing Destination?

Ice Fishing can be a fun experience no matter what, but looking for the right ice fishing destination can make it even better.

If you’re looking for big fish, you must go to big bodies of water that host several types of fish. Take some time to research drop-off sites to find exactly what you’re looking for! It never hurts to have a beautiful view and multiple bodies of water nearby, so don’t be afraid to move around if you’re initially not having luck finding a spot!

Minnesota Has 10,000+ Lakes & Even More Ice Fishing Spots

Minnesota is home to thousands of lakes and bountiful bodies of water that are home to different kinds of fish and wildlife. Fractional Toys is proud to be based and located in a state full of wonderful opportunities, including great ice fishing! Here are three popular Minnesota lake destinations for your ice house rental.

1) Mille Lacs Lake

If you drive roughly 100 miles north of Minneapolis, you’ll run into Mille Lacs Lake. Although the lake covers a sizable area (132,516 acres, to be exact), it’s deceivingly shallow in some areas.

For this reason, it’s a favorite of fishermen and lake campers. This lake holds a wide range of fish, including walleye, northern pike, tullibee, muskie, burbot, perch, crappie, and small and largemouth bass.

You'll find all of these fish no matter what direction you head on the lake. It’s a great place to set up one of our ice houses and do some deep-water angling around the deep gravel and mud flats.

2) Gull Lake

Gull Lake is in Cass County and Crow Wing County in central Minnesota. As you cruise along the shoreline, you’ll notice many rustic cabins embedded in a beautiful scenic landscape. The lake is also home to 19 resorts that operate throughout the winter. It’s a fantastic place to head out for ice fishing.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are over 35 species of aquatic life below the water’s surface. Bass and panfish feed on the bulrush plant. And if you’re into walleye, then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pull them out of the lake. The lake stays solid through the winter, so one of our ice houses is a safe and secure venture.

3) Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods draws visitors from all over the U.S. The lake occupies Ontario and Manitoba, as well as the northern area of Minnesota. Lake of the woods is over 70 miles in diameter and contains over 14,000 small and large islands. It covers over 65,000 miles of shoreline. There are plenty of places along the shoreline for excellent fishing and camping.

You may want to check out Zippel Bay State Park, where you can place an ice house or a ground tent. They offer plenty of facilities and a marina. Lake of the Woods is home to walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, perch, lake sturgeon, sauger, lake trout, crappie, and dozens of other fish.

Why Consider Ice House Rentals?

Ice houses are a grea option for novices and pro fisherman alike who want to get out to relax, socialize, and hopefully catch some fish. While portable shelters are plenty for some die-hards, there are many great benefits of a towable ice house, including:

Superior Safety

The most important reason is to keep you safer! Ice homes provide a healthier environment that eliminates common illnesses due to the cold, such as hypothermia and frostbite. With Fractional Toys, we guarantee you heated ice homes with proper insulation to keep you away from the predispositions of the cold!

Extreme Comfort

Keeping comfortable is typically a difficult task when ice fishing, as most endure great lengths for the activity. With ice homes, you can enjoy the convenience of warmth, access to bathrooms, kitchenware, and even places to sleep!

Ultimate Privacy

When taking friends or family out to ice fish, you can have an added level of privacy. Ice houses allow for separate spaces to ice fish, with a little added space for comfort. You can even add on sleeping arrangements that are more spacious and comfortable, providing extra room to relax.

Fractional Toys Provides Ice House Rentals

No matter where you go fishing this winter, Fractional Toys has the perfect ice house for you. Our wheeled fish houses include plenty of accessories and tools, generators, and propane tanks. To reserve your icehouse, call us at 651-340-0937, or contact us online. We serve the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.