The next time you rent a camper from Fractional Toys, try to come up with some activities that will make your camping trip a little more fun. Some of the best activities center around the campfire where everyone gathers at the end of the day.


Below are some of our picks for best campfire activities while enjoying your camper or motorhome rental.


●        Cool Campfire TricksPeople love to throw things into the campfire. So why not toss a few things that bring out a little more sparkle in the flames? Here are a few things you can throw in safely and watch what happens:


○        Borax: green flames

○        Water softener salt: purple flames

○        Table salt: orange flames

○        Epsom salt: white flames

○        Flour: Small flare-ups

○        Sugar: Tiny pops or “explosions”


●        Campfire Songs

If anyone in your party can play guitar, then round up the group and participate in a little singalong. Turn it into a request hour, where people just yell out a song and everyone sings along. You can also play a round of “Name That Tune.” Turn it into a contest and put everyone in teams. Campfire songs are always a lot of fun.


●        Roasting Marshmallows

This is a no-brainer. People love marshmallows. They also love finding different ways to roast marshmallows. This a teachable moment where you can show people the best way to slow-roast marshmallows over the open flames instead of melting them inside the flames. Don’t forget to pack all the fixings you’ll need for s’mores!


●        Sparklers

Who says sparklers are only for the 4th of July? Next time you rent a camper trailer or motorhome from Fractional Toys, bring along some sparklers and light ‘em up around the campfire. They are bound to keep everyone entertained for hours. You can purchase sparklers that emit different colors and stay lit for several minutes at a time.


●        Scary Stories

Who doesn’t have a scary story to tell? There’s an art to telling scary stories and listening to them. Find the person in the group who is a master storyteller. Also, encourage people to stop talking and listen intently without interrupting the storyteller. The ability to tell and listen well will heighten the mood and make the scary stories even scarier.


●        Grilling Over the Fire

Instead of cooking over a grill, try actually setting up a cast iron pan or griddle over the fire. Section off a part of the fire and allow the wood to burn down to hot coals. Place the griddle over the hot coals and let it get hot for about twenty minutes. Then place the food on the grill and let it cook. You will love the natural smoky taste of the steaks, hot dogs, or hamburgers. Make sure you babysit the food so it doesn’t burn!


●        Name That Constellation

The Big Dipper, the North Star, The Belt of Orion—they’re all suspended in the sky, thousands of miles away. Who can find the constellations and who can name them? Encourage someone in your group to pack a telescope in the camper.


●        Charades

Charades is fun in any setting. However, playing charades around a campfire is far more animated and challenging. Come up with a theme like camping or things you see in the woods. The National Park Service offers some great Camping Charades ideas as well.

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