With summer right around the corner, the big events you have been meticulously planning for months are quickly approaching. Renting a recreational vehicle can be useful for high school or college graduations, outdoor wedding receptions, family reunions, or whatever else you may have going on.

So, how can a recreational vehicle rental help you when you’re hosting an event?

Provide Extra Guest Space

When you’re hosting a party, reception, or other event, family, friends, and other guests may come from all over to attend. However, not all those guests can afford to lodge in a hotel, and your home doesn’t have unlimited space. This problem can be easily solved by renting a motorhome or camper.

Renting gives your guests a comfortable place to sleep while also giving you and your guests the personal space you all need. Camper and motorhome rentals also come in handy for holidays at the cabin when there are more people than beds available.

You need a gas generator or a 30- or 50-amp electrical plug to run a motorhome, depending on the motorhome’s rating. The plug for a motorhome looks a little different than your typical plug, and you need enough amps to power the motorhome without tripping the breaker.

Having a 30 or 50-amp plug in your garage can help when you have family or friends stay over in the rental motorhome.

Extend Your Rental Into a Family Getaway

While they provide great space for guests when you need extra room, you and your family can also take advantage of your camper or motorhome rental after the event is over. After all, after you host a big event, wouldn’t it be nice just to get away for a day or two to unwind?

Your rental vehicle can help you do just that! Take a little road trip and follow our guide for the important things to pack for your next RV adventure.

Enjoy Tailgating or Game Day Plans

The event you are hosting may not require extra guest space at all – you may just want it to provide comfort on the big game day. At Fractional Toys, we offer state-of-the-art game day trailers. These extremely lightweight trailers feature two bathrooms, three large TVs, a freezer, a fridge, and two bar areas.

While providing space to cook, lounge, play games, and more, the trailer also has a large tent to help protect you and your guests from inclement weather. The trailer has ample storage space and is light enough to be towed by smaller vehicles, such as half-ton vehicles.

Fractional Toys also offers delivery and setup so you can focus on preparing for your guests while the trailer is being set up for you. The trailer can also be decorated with custom signage, which is great for corporate events!

Lake Time Fun

If you live near or on a lake and don’t have enough water toys, Fractional Toys can bring you jet ski and boat rentals. Depending on the type of party, you can bring on the fun by allowing your guests to zip around the lake on a jet ski or take a leisurely trip around in a pontoon.

Or if fishing is more your game, let your friends take out a fishing boat. Just ensure all your guests follow proper safety protocol by wearing life vests while on the water!

Rent Your Favorite Toys Year-Round

At Fractional Toys, our products are available year-round, so you can do what you love whenever you want. We offer a variety of vehicles, such as campers, boats, and ATVs.

For more information about our rentals, call us at 651-340-0937, or message us on our contact page.