When looking for a great adventure and considering whether you should rent or purchase a recreational vehicle, there are many factors to consider. Some of these are obvious, and others, not so much. Below, we will look into why Fractional Toys believes renting is the smarter choice.

●      Don’t Fret About Maintenance

As with purchasing most anything, buying recreational vehicles comes with extra costs you need to consider. Just like maintaining a car or truck, maintaining boats, RVs, and off-road vehicles can be very expensive. When you rent a vehicle with Fractional Toys, you get the fun without the extra maintenance fees.

●      Many Products Require Accessories

At Fractional Toys, we offer a large selection of accessories to go with our recreational toy rentals. Oftentimes, when you make a purchase, you realize immediately afterward that there are many additional items needed for the purchase, and you may have to break the bank to get them. At Fractional Toys, we offer the perfect recreational accessories so you get the most out of your rental without the extra hassle.

●      Save On Insurance, Taxes, And Fees

While most motorhome rentals and some recreational vehicle rentals come with fees, they don’t come close to the fees that accumulate when you buy recreational toys. Those fees and taxes are paid year after year, while renting only includes the initial fee. Why bother with ongoing expenses when you can have the same amount of fun at a fraction of the cost of ownership?

●      Rentals Allow Flexibility

Oftentimes, spouses and their children don’t always agree on which toy to purchase,

leaving somebody unhappy about what’s taking up space in the garage or yard. When

you choose to rent or become a member of Fractional Toys, the whole family gains

access to an incredible selection of recreational vehicles that are sure to satisfy

everybody’s interests and expand their outdoor experiences.


●      Making Space

When you own your recreational toys, you have to make space for them, oftentimes taking up valuable real estate on your driveway or costing hundreds of dollars in storage fees every month. When you rent with Fractional Toys, we keep the vehicles on our lot and showroom so you can pick them up at your convenience. Your neighbors will thank you as well!

●      Get The Most Out Of Your Money

Some recreational vehicles can only be used during certain seasons, while others will more than likely only be used a few times per year. In all likelihood, your snowmobile, motorhome or travel trailer, boat, or ice house probably won’t be used year-round, so why bother buying them when you can simply rent when you’re ready to use them?

We Offer Your Favorite Products Year Round

At Fractional Toys, our products are available year-round so you can do what you love whenever you want. To get more information about our rentals, call us at 651-340-0937, or message us on our contact page.