While there are many fun areas to explore around Minnesota, there are also a variety of areas to explore in neighboring states. Two of the most famous areas in the Great Plains are the Badlands National Park and the Black Hills National Forest, both located in South Dakota. Adding to the fun of the area, you can explore, hike, visit monuments, and use recreational vehicles and bikes in certain areas. Our experts at Fractional Toys will walk you through what you can do when you plan a trip to the Badlands or Black Hills.


Inside the protected area of Badlands National Park, there are two campgrounds and many in the surrounding region. Cedar Pass Campground and Sage Creek Campground are both available for visitors inside the park. Because the area is protected, there are certain regulations you need to take into account before reserving your spot at one of the campgrounds.


Additionally, if you are backpacking, you can camp on your own throughout the park as long as you are at least a half a mile from the roads and trails. Recreational motorhomes and campers are not allowed in certain areas if they are longer than 18 feet. To learn more about camping in the Badlands visit this website.


Unlike the Badlands, camping in Black Hills National Forest is common, and there is ample space. There are a variety of areas that allow RVs and campers throughout the forest. The main camping areas are Central Hills, Northern Hills, Northwestern Hills, and Southern Hills, all of which have multiple campgrounds spread throughout.


In the Badlands, there are many hiking trails that can either be backpacking trips or day trips, depending on what you prefer. There are eight official trails in the park, ranging from easy to difficult. The park encourages hikers to be cautious and adhere to their regulations. Each person should have ample amounts of water, carry rain gear and sunscreen, and stay away from/be on the lookout for wildlife. More information can be found here.


Like the Badlands, Black Hills National Forest has many hiking trails for both backpacking and day trips. There are over 450 miles of official trails, and a variety of other areas to explore. The trails range in difficulty for beginners and sightseers and escalating for experienced hikers. For more information about the trails in the Black Hills, visit their site.


Because the Badlands are a protected area to preserve fossils and other geologic markers, you cannot ride recreational vehicles of any kind inside the park. However, you can ride bikes on certain trails if you prefer that over hiking. More information about what you can and cannot do in the park can be found on the National Park Service site..


Unlike the Badlands, recreational vehicles are permitted in certain areas of Black Hills National Forest. In order to ride your vehicle in the forest, you need to have a specific permit that can only be bought at the Black Hills and Badlands Visitor Center, online, or at any Black Hills Service office. Only certain roads and trails in the area can be used for off-road vehicles, and these are listed on the Black Hills National Forest website.


Our motorhomes and campers do not allow for towing, so if you want to bring your ATVs or other off-road vehicles on your trip, ask us about our toy hauler rentals or consider asking someone you’re traveling with to tow them.

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