Like Minnesota, our neighbors to the east have great places to visit when you’re craving the outdoors. Wisconsin is one of the best places to explore nature and is easily accessible from Minnesota.

And with our array of recreational vehicles to choose from, you can make your trip to Wisconsin that much better! Whether you’re looking to rent a motorhome, camper, ATV, fishing boat, or pontoon, we’ve got you covered.

That means you can focus on the rest of your vacation planning: starting with the destination!

Your experts at Fractional Toys are here with some of the best places to visit in Wisconsin this summer.

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is toward the northern edge of the state and is near a couple of lakes. It covers more than 1.5 million acres of Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

While you plan ahead for your trip here, make sure you get a pass or permit, depending on what your plans are.


There are designated areas for both tent camping and campers/motorhomes. You can also rent cabins on the property if tent camping or RV camping isn’t for you.

There are plenty of spots for RVs; However, not all areas provide hookups. The RV camping areas are divided into several sections, so make sure you research each location beforehand to make sure you can hook up your rental RV to power.


There is one area of the forest where you can ride off-road vehicles on designated trails. These trails include the Dead Horse Run ATV trail, the Flambeau Trail System, the Perkinstown Motorized Trail, and the Washburn District ATV Trail System.


Many areas allow you to put in boats and other water toys throughout the woods. These include the Eagle River-Florence District, the Great Divide District, Lakewood-Laona District, the Medford-Park Falls District, and the Washburn Ranger District.

Egg Harbor Campground & RV Resort

Located in the very northeastern corner of the state on a small strip of land between the shorelines of Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Egg Harbor Campground & RV Resort is a great spot for camping and boating.


There is plenty of room for campers and motorhomes here, plus there are swimming pools!

This campground features 117 spots with full hookups, 28 water/electric hookups, and 30 pull-through spots. They even have WiFi in the campground so that you can stay connected.

Make sure you check out their themed weekends and available trails for hiking.


ATVs are not allowed at this particular campground.


The Egg Harbor Marina is located just four minutes from Egg Harbor Campground & RV Resort. There is a public boat launch that requires a nominal daily fee to access.

Willow River State Park

Willow River State Park is near the Minnesota border, near the Twin Cities. In addition to camping, you can also boat, canoe, and kayak in the state park.


There are several campgrounds within Willow River State Park. Each campground can accommodate RVs and motorhomes.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you should check out their 300, 200, and 100 campground details. You can purchase firewood in the park as well.


There are some areas of the park where guests can ride off-road vehicles, but it is important to check with the park administration before attempting to ride your ATV or side-by-side.


Boating is typically done on Little Falls Lake due to the large waterfall in the middle of the Willow River. However, motorized boats are not allowed. You can instead use kayaks or canoes.

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