One of the best parts of living in the Upper Midwest is the breathtaking natural wonders that are easily accessible by land or water. Nearly everywhere you go, there are rivers, lakes, forests, and more to explore. All of these places can be explored on foot or by taking advantage of a recreational vehicle rental. At Fractional Toys, we offer a variety of vehicles for you to rent to explore the natural world around you.


With Minnesota’s abundance of lakes and rivers, fishing is one of the most popular activities in the state. We have multiple boats and ice houses available to rent to make your excursion successful and memorable. Here are some of the best places to plan a weekend fishing trip in Minnesota.

●      St. Croix River

The St. Croix River, which runs along the Wisconsin-Minnesota border is a great area to fish in. Our team at Fractional toys keeps a fleet of pontoons on the river during the summer, so they are easily accessible if you choose to do business with us. This river is a hot-spot for boating, canoeing, and other recreational activities.

●      Red Lake

Red Lake is one of the biggest and most popular lakes in all of Minnesota. The lake itself is home to an abundance of crappies, as well as large northern pike. Popular year-round, the lake has many boat ramps for your boat or boat rental and is a popular area to visit during the winter months for ice fishing.

●      Lake Minnetonka

As one of the largest lakes in the Twin Cities metro area, Lake Minnetonka is frequently busy during the summer months. We have a pontoon on the water at a  marina, along with other pontoons and a fishing boat on trailers that can be rented by the day or weekend. The lake is great for fishing and other recreational activities.

●      Bowstring Lake

Located in the northern part of Minnesota, Bowstring Lake is known for having a large selection of fish. The lake is very close to the Chippewa National Forest and has multiple access points for boats and other water vehicles. There are also many resorts and campgrounds nearby, which allows you to rent one of our campers or motorhomes and plan a weekend trip with your family or friends.

●      Lake Louise

This lake is located in Lake Louise State Park, just north of the Iowa border in the eastern half of the state. This park has miles of trails to hike, multiple campgrounds, and is home to a plethora of wildlife. Additionally, the lake itself is home to at least 47 species of fish and is connected to multiple streams.

●      The Mississippi River

From its origin in Lake Itasca in the northern half of Minnesota, the Mississippi River is one of the best areas to fish in the entire U.S. For the entire 2,320 miles the river flows, it is a destination spot to boat, fish, camp, and more. In Minnesota, the river is best known for being home to bass and walleye.

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