Fall is officially in full swing! With the leaves turning gorgeous shades of orange, the temperatures cooling down, and the kids back in school, you’ll finally have time to hit the trails and enjoy everything the season brings. There’s no better way to see everything Minnesota and Wisconsin have to offer than with a recreational equipment rental service! Zip down the trails with an ATV rental, and cruise through all sorts of terrain with a side-by-side rental. The best views, after all, are often the most remote.


Minnesota and Wisconsin offer many miles of trails for you to explore. Some outdoor enthusiasts say these two states are home to some of the best trail-riding areas in the Midwest. Are you new to the area, or simply don’t know where to begin your fall trail riding? Fractional Toys, a recreational rentals company, has you covered. Below you’ll find a few fast facts and notable highlights about some of our personal favorite Minnesota and Wisconsin trails.

Minnesota: More than Just its Lakes

Though colloquially the state is known as “the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes,” Minnsota makes itself notable for more than its fishing. A lovely mild autumn climate makes the state perfect for spending time outdoors—just be careful to bundle up, and come prepared with a raincoat! Minnesota natives everywhere will attest to the capricious nature of the state’s weather.


According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are 75 parks in the state in total. Activities such as bird watching and geocaching mean that these parks can be fun for everyone—but they’re especially fun to explore on an ATV or side by side. Just be sure that all trails you drive on are legal, and always carry the appropriate licensure.


Just what is there to see in Minnesota? Many off-road trails are located in the northeast and central regions of the state. A few of our favorites are:


●        Soo Line South Trail. This trail runs up near an abandoned railroad grade in places. Located in Morrison county, it butts up right alongside Lake Mille Lacs for a short distance, boasting scenic views of woodlands and farms in addition to many trail amenities. Restrooms and shelters dot the trailside.

●        Iron Range Off-Highway State Recreation Area. Located in Saint Louis County, the Iron Range Off-Highway State Recreation is, according to the state DNR, the premier location when it comes to the recreational use of off-highway vehicles. With trails for ATVs and many other types of ORVs, all of which range in difficulty levels, this state recreation area is a great place for novice off-road enthusiasts, amateurs, and experts alike. Local hotels and restaurants make this an ideal location for a weekend vacation.

●        Appleton Area Recreational Park. If you’re not looking to head up north for your off-road experience, Appleton Area Recreational Park is a far more southerly choice. Like the Iron Range Off-Highway State Recreation Area, it boasts trails of many difficulty levels, and its rolling terrain makes it interesting for all sorts of riders.


These are just a few of our favorite ATV and off-road vehicle trails. Lesser-known local parks may also feature just the type of terrain and off-roading experience you’re looking for.

Wisconsin: More than Cows and Cheese

Though many people associate the state of Wisconsin strictly with milk-related products, its trails are nothing to sneeze at (even if it can’t seem to shake its association with dairy in naming them!). The Cheese Country Recreation Trail meanders across three whole Wisconsin counties, with one end situated in Mineral Point and the other in the beautiful Monroe. Remember to slow down and be courteous to other trail users; horseback riders and skiers are also welcomed here.


For beautiful autumn colors, there’s nothing quite like visiting the Black River State Forest. Scenic views and winding trails abound! Elk have been reintroduced into the park, according to the Wisconsin DNR. As majestic as these creatures are, be sure to be respectful and keep your distance, both for your own safety and the safety of the herds.


Again, these two trails are only highlights. Wisconsin boasts a seemingly countless amount of state trails and parks just waiting for you to get out to explore. As cautioned earlier, always be sure you carry the appropriate licenses, and remember that ATVs and other off-road vehicles aren’t the only things that use state parks. Share the trails and make fall outdoor fun possible for everyone.

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