The holiday shopping season is underway! Gift shopping for anyone is always quite the endeavor. You want what you give to be truly from the heart – to reflect how much you know and understand the person to whom you are giving the gift.

You also want the receiver to feel loved and cared about, whether it’s a sibling, significant other, spouse, parent, or anything in between. However, what are you to do if the receiver's passion is niche, such as, say, jet-skiing, boating, or ATV riding?

If you’re not an outdoors hobbyist yourself, the outdoorsman in your life might prove a little difficult to shop for. After all, if you have little experience with the outdoors yourself, how do you know what gifts would prove truly useful or enjoyable? You’d have to ask the gift receiver in question and probably spoil the surprise in the process!

Fractional Toys, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area’s premier recreational equipment rental company, is here to help. Here’s our list of the best holiday gifts for the outdoor enthusiast!

6 Gifts for the Practical Outdoorsman

Do you know someone who is always concerned with utility? In other words, who is always talking about how fast their car can go, what the new applications on their phone can do, or how handy their latest powertool purchase is?

Even though all their interests might not pertain directly to their outdoor enthusiasm, an obsession with practicality in any sense means that this person is probably a good candidate for a practical gift – one that they can play with and with unique functionalities that they can explore.

1. Multitool

No matter if the outdoorsman in question is more into ATVs or boats, a multitool is always useful. Its purpose is in the name; it’s a handheld, generally non-battery-powered tool that can serve many purposes, from opening bottles to cutting fishing line to tightening screws.

Exact functionalities will vary depending on the brand you buy, but one thing’s for certain: the outdoorsman in your life will definitely appreciate this versatile addition to their toolbox. They’ll never find themselves in a pinch, mechanical or otherwise, again!

2. Tailgating Grill

In recent years, grilling has taken a giant leap into the modern ages with the availability of dozens of new grill brands and models, along with precise Wi-Fi temperature control, fuel options, and more.

Green Mountain Grills has recently launched a tailgating, the Davy Crockett, that’s a great option for the camper, tailgater, or patio-griller in your family. Another crowd-pleaser is the newly popular Blackstone Griddle, which also offers a portable model for camping and tailgating.

3. Fractional Toys Gift Card

If you’re at a loss for what to give, but know that your friends or loved ones enjoy the outdoors, gift card for Fractional Toys, supplier of everything from RV rentals and accessories to snowmobile rentals, is the perfect solution. 

Give the priceless gift of an outdoor experience to the ones you love most!

4. Aeropress Coffee Maker

Any functional outdoorsman knows the perils of getting your morning caffeine fix while camping or traveling. Having the energy and alertness to enjoy the outdoors can be crucial.

The Aeropress is any easy choice for coffee lovers, it’s compact, durable, and efficient. Not only is it conveniently light in weight, but it has a quick brew time of two minutes, and makes for an easy clean up.

Waking up and having a delicious cup of coffee has never been so easy!

5. Good Backpack

If your outdoorsman likes to hike or travel, they probably love the idea of having a light, durable backpack for their trips. This is a must for most hikers, since it’s the one thing you’re guaranteed to take with.

Having a centralized place for all your belongings is great to keep things organized while on the move. Finding the right backpack for your outdoorsman can be a thoughtful gift, as there’s so many different kinds, and you know what matters to them most.

6. Water Purifier

Water purifiers are a great gift, as they come with an essential function. It’s important to have access to clean water when traveling, and sometimes it can be hard to say what water is passable. With a water purifier, you can test and clean water from almost anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a small single serve water purifier or a larger water purifier, there are so many options out there. Staying hydrated is essential when being outdoors, making this a practical and smart gift!

4 Gifts for the Luxury Outdoorsman

Some people like a touch of luxury in their lives, and absolutely nothing is wrong with that!

If the outdoorsman in question is always raving about how comfortable their newest sweater is or how warm the new heating system in their house keeps their family, chances are they’d also enjoy a little something to make their already fulfilling outdoor experience a little more comfy.

1. High-End Cooler

For those outdoorsmen who are into RVs or camping, the importance of a nice cooler cannot be overstated. Besides serving the necessary function of keeping perishables cold, coolers on the nicer end of the spectrum can keep drinks chilled for days.

How luxurious would it be to just grab an ice cold soda on a hot summer’s camping trip?

2. Portable Camera

Various camera brands can be affixed to outdoor vehicles, such as ATVs and side-by-sides, which makes capturing exciting, first-person videos of outdoor fun a cinch.

These cameras can run on the more expensive side of things, but make the perfect gift for the young outdoors enthusiast who loves to share their experience on social media.

3. Fractional Toys Gift Card

Yes, this gift is both on the practical and luxurious sides of the gift-giving spectrum! Our recreational equipment rental service provides only top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the utmost comfort of our customers.

If your outdoors enthusiast desires a hassle-free, unmistakably luxurious outdoor experience, a gift card to Fractional Toys is a wonderful choice for a gift.

4. Portable Kayak

If your outdoorsman loves freshwater, enjoying and exploring are most likely very enjoyable for them. There are different types of portable kayaks on the market, including inflatable or foldable options.

The convenience of storage and weight can make a huge difference when on the road. A thoughtful gift that is sure to make any outdoorsman a happy camper.

Still Undecided? Fractional Toys Can Help!

Our Twin Cities metro locations (Coon Rapids and Oakdale) make it easy to stop in to purchase a gift card – the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast of any caliber.

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