Snowmobile season is in full swing here in the upper Midwest. After an early season delay due to poor trail and ice conditions, the weather is finally cold enough to get outdoors, with plenty of snow across Minnesota & Wisconsin.


Whether you’re anticipating your very first snowmobile trip or are a more experienced rider, being prepared with the proper snowmobile gear will help ensure a safe and successful time on the trails.

It’s All About the Gear!

As a Minnesota-based snowmobile rental company, Fractional Toys has a wealth of experience pairing novice and more experienced riders with the right machines and gear for their outdoor adventure.

Here’s a list of items you’ll need before heading out on your next snowmobile trip.



Available in full-face and modular designs, with the helmet being separate from the goggles, modern snowmobile helmets provide safety, comfort, and style for riders. If you don’t own a snowmobile helmet, consider borrowing one from a friend or renting one from your snowmobile rental company. Fractional Toys offers snowmobile helmets for men and women. Choose from full-face and modular designs, as well as numerous colors to match your machine, jacket, and personal style.



Balaclavas provide warmth between the rider’s skin and helmet, as well as comfort. They can help reduce chafing caused by the helmet’s padding and can be picked up at most sporting goods stores. 



Beneath your outerwear, consider wearing a base layer. We recommend a thin, form-fitting shirt and pants designed to pull sweat away from the skin, while providing compression to reduce fatigue.

In especially cold riding conditions, a mid-layer will provide additional protection from the elements. An insulated shirt and pants layer adds another level of defense from the wind and frigid temperatures.



Perhaps the most important piece of gear you’ll wear while riding (besides a helmet), a high-quality snowmobile or winter jacket is essential to keeping your body warm while riding. Most experienced snowmobile riders have their own snowmobile jackets, but for those who are just heading out for the day or weekend, a quality winter jacket will provide all the warmth and protection you need. Brighter colors are also beneficial to help other riders to see you in low-visibility conditions. 



Snowmobile bibs are ideal for snowmobile riding because they provide additional coverage around the torso for added warmth. Both snowmobile pants and bibs are available with suspenders to help keep the pants up while in a seated riding position.


Just like snowmobile jackets, which are waterproof, breathable, reflective, and don’t restrict mobility, good quality snowmobile pants and bibs provide the same benefits. 


Keep in mind – the cooler the weather conditions, the warmer you’ll want your pants to be. Outerwear insulation is measured in grams on a sliding scale, where anything below around 100g is ideal for warmer conditions, while 150-200g+ is more ideal when temperatures dip below zero.



Snowmobile gloves provide three basic functions: warmth, water resistance, and dexterity. With the advancements in fabrics and glove design over the past decade, it’s easy to find all three benefits at an affordable price point at local sporting goods stores and snowmobile dealers. Keep in mind that most designated snowmobile gloves feature a longer cuff designed to  help prevent skin exposure between the glove and jacket.



Just like the rest of your snowmobile gear, you’ll want to wear boots that keep your feet warm all day long. Choose a pair that is both waterproof and breathable. Typically more rigid than everyday snow boots, snowmobile boots provide additional support around the ankle.


Purchasing, Borrowing, and Rental Options

Since purchasing all of this gear at once can be expensive, especially when you’re not planning to ride frequently, consider asking friends if you can borrow any of their gear for your ride. Resale services, such as Facebook Marketplace, can also be a great option for purchasing your gear locally and at a substantial discount. Plus, you’ll always have the option to sell the gear after your ride.


Additionally, Fractional Toys offers a variety of snowmobile accessory rental and purchase options, including helmets, goggles, and balaclavas. We can assist you with rentals, as well as purchasing from one of our dealer partners.


Most resorts that offer winter accommodations also offer snowmobile clothing rentals, so if you’re planning to take your snowmobile rental to a resort destination, ask about reserving what you need ahead of time.

Fractional Toys Has Everything You Need for a Great Snowmobile Adventure

Know what you need? We’ve got you covered! Not sure what you need? We’ll help you through every step, including snowmobile gear rental, the best snowmobile rental for your level of experience, and where to ride. When you arrive to pick up your rental, we’ll even walk you through all the operating procedures to ensure a great experience.


Our camper and powersports rental business prides itself on giving its customers a full-service outdoor experience. Give us a call at 651-340-0937 or fill out a reservation request online to get started.