You’ve finally booked ATV rentals! You couldn’t be more excited, and we at Fractional Toys are happy to hook you up with well-maintained machines that're ready to hit the trails! Fall and winter are some of the most gorgeous times to ride in the Midwest, with sunsets and fall-leaved horizons that look like watercolor paintings. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque time of year to ride.


Winters here have their own unique charm too though, despite their sometimes-painful temperatures. Many ATV riders keep trail blazing through the cold season, reveling in the snow tossed up under their tires and the ice crystals refracting off the sunlight.


As much as we advocate for you to get out there and SEND IT, it’s our duty as a provider of four wheeler rentals to discuss safety protocol. Driving responsibly ensures that you not only have a great time, but also walk away without any injuries or regrets. No one wants to accidentally wreck rental equipment and deal with the fees – or worse, hospital bills.


So before you head out, PLEASE take the time to read up on proper ATV safety. Many people who rent ATVs don’t have the experience of someone who owns one, so you may not know safety procedures like the back of your hand. And unlike a more experienced ATV rider, you may not yet know where your limits lie – like what sorts of terrain your vehicle and skillset can handle.


Read on for location-specific, cold weather safety tips for ATV beginners, straight from the Minnesotans at Fractional Toys! We know, well, everything you need to know about our challenging climate to have a fun and safe ATV rental experience.

Plan Ahead Before Any ATV Ride

Always research your route ahead of time. This doesn’t need to take forever! Most Minnesota parks have information posted in an easy-to-understand format online. A quick internet search usually brings up an official website and a trail map.


What are you looking for? Well, quite a few things. You want to outline which trails you’ll take so you don’t get lost in the cold, for instance. While getting lost in the summer or spring can be a merely unpleasant experience, it can become deadly in the late autumn or winter as temperatures rapidly decline.

You don’t need to stick to your planned route exactly if, say, it gets late or you want to call it a day early, but having a cursory idea of your whereabouts in your mind will help you reorientate yourself if your phone battery dies and you find yourself needing to get back to the trailer without a guide. Invite your riding buddies to share in the planning process and plan out your ultimate adventure!

Watch the Forecast

We don’t need to tell you twice about the unpredictable nature of Minnesota weather! Keep a close eye on local radar as your trip approaches and pack accordingly. Items like hand-warmers and rain gear can come in handy if you encounter a storm, and portable phone batteries are always helpful.


Obviously, don’t forget the appropriate cold-weather clothes. It’s chillier riding an ATV than it is simply standing around, so dress in layers for the most comfortable experience. Choose water-resistant or waterproof outerwear, especially if you’ll be riding through snow, as ATV tires tend to kick up a lot of it during powdery days. (But that’s all part of the fun!)

Don’t Push Your Limits

Remember those limits we talked about earlier? When that little voice pops up in your head and suggests that the current situation is unsafe, or that you don’t feel comfortable proceeding, listen to it!


As ATV rental providers, we implore you: Listen to your intuition. Better yet, while you’re studying the map and planning your route, also plan which trails and areas to avoid. Don’t put yourself in an unsafe situation, because you’ll just end up feeling icky at best or ruining your rental and injuring yourself at worst. Get more tips for new ATV riders here!

Still Need ATV Rentals? Fractional Toys Has You Covered!

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