Considering snowmobile rentals for a day on the trails? Awesome idea! As a recreational rentals provider, Fractional Toys know how to enjoy all that Minnesota offers when it comes to wintertime fun, and we’re here to share our knowledge and snowmobile rentals with you!

Snowmobiles are awesome for an adrenaline rush; They allow you to explore off road and feel the ground beneath you in a totally different way. Combine that with amazing speed, maneuverability, and the chance to access Minnesota’s best state parks and remote gems, and the day trip practically plans itself!

Here’s our snowmobile rental guide to help you stay safe and have fun out on the trails. 

Why Consider Snowmobile Rentals?

Renting a snowmobile is much more economical than purchasing a snowmobile. Most snowmobiles cost between $7,500 to $10,000, and you only get to use them for a few months a year. They also require proper storage during the rest of the year. 

When you rent a snowmobile, you are only paying for the time you use it. As the Midwest’s go-to rental company, we strive to make it simple and convenient to rent a snowmobile

Renting a snowmobile means you can choose the weekends that you plan on snowmobiling and only pay for that time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or fixing something that breaks. 

Our friendly team and large fleet provide everything you and your riding buddies need for an amazing day in the powder. Yes, even the safety equipment! 

Memberships vs. One-Time Rentals

We also offer memberships. Pay a flat amount, and you can potentially save on your rentals later. 

Whether your rental is a one-time thing or part of a membership, you’ll be treated like any other Fractional Toys customer – with respect! 

7 Snowmobile Rental Safety Tips 

Speaking of respect, we’ve come to our first tip! When you rent from our fleet, please treat our snowmobiles with care. The vehicle may not be yours, but you are paying for your time with it. 

How much would it suck for your snowmobile rental to fail before your adventure even begins, because you damaged the machine on the trailer ride there? 

Treating rental vehicles with respect ensures you’ll have a good time, and that the next rider gets to have just as much fun. It allows our team at Fractional Toys to provide the Rogers and Oakdale areas with phenomenal recreational rentals for years to come!

Treating your snowmobile with respect is also a matter of safety, and we always ask our customers to be safe! A respected snowmobile is a working snowmobile is a safe snowmobile – one that can tackle snowy terrain. 

Read on to learn what to do, what not to do, and how to make sure you and your snowmobile rental come back to Fractional Toys in good condition.

1. Wear Proper Safety Equipment

Whether you’re anticipating your very first snowmobile trip or are a more experienced rider, being prepared with the proper snowmobile gear will help ensure a safe and successful time on the trails. The last thing you want to do is get in an accident on a snowmobile, but if something does happen, you should be protected. 

Fractional Toys can provide helmets with goggles or a full face shield to help protect you in the event of an accident. In addition to helmets, you should always dress for the weather as well. Wearing thick gloves, scarves, and balaclavas will help keep you warm in addition to your winter coat and boots. The extra padding from your winter gear will help protect against scratches, bruises, or other injuries while riding a snowmobile. 

Check off this list of items you’ll need before heading out on your next snowmobile trip! 

Snowmobile Helmet

Available in full-face and modular designs, with the helmet being separate from the goggles, modern snowmobile helmets provide safety, comfort, and style for riders. If you don’t own a snowmobile helmet, consider borrowing one from a friend or renting one from your snowmobile rental company. 

Fractional Toys offers snowmobile helmets for men and women. Choose from full-face and modular designs, as well as numerous colors to match your machine, jacket, and personal style. 


Balaclavas provide warmth between the rider’s skin and helmet, as well as comfort. They can help reduce chafing caused by the helmet’s padding and can be picked up at most sporting goods stores.  

Base Layers

Beneath your outerwear, consider wearing a base layer. We recommend a thin, form-fitting shirt and pants designed to pull sweat away from the skin, while providing compression to reduce fatigue. 

In especially cold riding conditions, a mid-layer will provide additional protection from the elements. An insulated shirt and pants layer adds another level of defense from the wind and frigid temperatures. 


Perhaps the most important piece of gear you’ll wear while riding (besides a helmet), a high-quality snowmobile or winter jacket is essential to keeping your body warm while riding. Most experienced snowmobile riders have their own snowmobile jackets, but for those who are just heading out for the day or weekend, a quality winter jacket will provide all the warmth and protection you need. 

Note: Brighter colors are beneficial to help other riders to see you in low-visibility conditions.  

Snow Pants

Snowmobile bibs are ideal for snowmobile riding because they provide additional coverage around the torso for added warmth. Both snowmobile pants and bibs are available with suspenders to help keep the pants up while in a seated riding position.

Just like snowmobile jackets, which are waterproof, breathable, reflective, and don’t restrict mobility, good quality snowmobile pants and bibs provide the same benefits. Keep in mind: The cooler the weather conditions, the warmer you’ll want your pants to be. 

Outerwear insulation is measured in grams on a sliding scale, where anything below around 100g is ideal for warmer conditions, while 150-200g+ is more ideal when temperatures dip below zero. 


Snowmobile gloves provide three basic functions: warmth, water resistance, and dexterity. With the advancements in fabrics and glove design over the past decade, it’s easy to find all three benefits at an affordable price point at local sporting goods stores and snowmobile dealers. 

Keep in mind that most designated snowmobile gloves feature a longer cuff designed to  help prevent skin exposure between the glove and jacket. 


Just like the rest of your snowmobile gear, you’ll want to wear boots that keep your feet warm all day long. Choose a pair that is both waterproof and breathable. Typically more rigid than everyday snow boots, snowmobile boots provide additional support around the ankle. 

Purchasing, Borrowing, & Rental Options

Since purchasing all of this gear at once can be expensive, especially when you’re not planning to ride frequently, consider asking friends if you can borrow any of their gear for your ride. Resale services, such as Facebook Marketplace, can also be a great option for purchasing your gear locally and at a substantial discount. Plus, you’ll always have the option to sell the gear after your ride. 

As mentioned above, Fractional Toys offers a variety of snowmobile accessory rental and purchase options, including helmets, goggles, and balaclavas. We can assist you with rentals, as well as purchasing from one of our dealer partners. 

Most resorts that offer winter accommodations also offer snowmobile clothing rentals, so if you’re planning to take your snowmobile rental to a resort destination, ask about reserving what you need ahead of time. 

Check out our blog about renting snowmobile gear for the advantages of renting your gear instead of owning!

2. Stick to Your Experience Level 

Whether you’re renting an ATV, boat, side by side, or snowmobile, it’s important to know your own limits and stick to routes that match your experience level. While all of our rentals are easy to drive and kept in tip-top condition, you should never be reckless with a vehicle that’s new to you in what’s possibly new territory. 

Don’t push yourself – focus on enjoying the ride, sights, and memories instead!

3. Always Ride in Groups

You should never go into the woods or on the ice with a snowmobile alone. If an accident occurs and you become injured, you may have no way of getting help. We recommend that all snowmobile rentals include at least two or more people who ride out at the same time. 

You should also take your cell phones or another form of communication every time you go out!

4. Stay On Marked Snowmobile Trails 

Snowmobiles are tough. That shiny exterior isn’t just for show! But even the most well-maintained snowmobile isn’t invincible and can be subject to damage if it hits something at a high enough velocity. A small tree or shrub covered by snow can do more damage than you know!

Some trails that are suitable for pedestrians are not suitable for snowmobiles, and vice versa. While we understand that you want to make the most of your rental fee and see absolutely every inch of the park you’re attending, always stick to designated snowmobile trails!

Check out our list of incredible snowmobile trails to explore in Wisconsin!

5. Don’t Pull Sleds Behind Your Snowmobile

We are parents too, we get it! Your kid has a sled and they’re so excited to go inhumanly fast on it. Please, don’t use your snowmobile to haul children's sleds! 

These machines aren’t built for that. Your passengers and sled are both put at risk – it’s just not worth it!

6. Avoid Frozen Waters 

Don’t play in the water! If the ice isn’t thick enough, your snowmobile could fall through. On an open (frozen) lake, there’s also the potential for collision from all sides, as other snowmobilers might have had the same idea as you and chosen to cross. 

Whenever possible, stick to designated snowmobile trails, where it’s rare for other riders to come from unpredictable directions.

7. Watch Your Speed

A snowmobile is like any other vehicle. The faster you drive, the less control of the machine you’ll have in the event of an accident. Since snow is naturally slick, your ability to control the snowmobile becomes more difficult. Thus, you shouldn’t drive faster than what is necessary. 

The point of your excursion is to enjoy the ride, so slow down and take in the scenery. There’s no hurry. 

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