Fishing and camping trips on the lake are a favorite activity during the winter time in Minnesota. But don’t let your fun turn to disaster this season. Our Fractional Toys specialists have a lot of experience with ice houses. For this reason, we provide these practical safety tips that will keep you and your friends or family secure while you’re camping out on the lake. If you would like some more information on ice house safety, then contact us today.


Rule #1: No Ice is 100% Safe

No, this is not meant to deter you from renting an ice house. Instead, it’s intended to help you practice some common sense while on the lake. No matter how stable the ice looks or what the weather reports tell you, you should always exercise caution when camping or ice fishing on the ice. Never assume that any area on the lake is safe, as some areas in the water may not freeze as quickly as other.


Understand Factors Involved in Freezing Ice

The strength of ice is based on multiple factors, some of which you can’t see. Some of these factors include:


●        The Depth of Water. As a general rule, shallow areas on the lake are likely to freeze up faster than deeper areas because there is less water flowing underneath.

●        Size of the Lake. As you might guess, a larger body of water takes longer to freeze up than a smaller one. Thus, if you visit a large lake in Minnesota, practice extra caution.

●        Water Chemistry. What is in the water. The reason it matters is because a lake with certain fluids or chemicals in it may have a more difficult time freezing up due to the chemistry. Before you rent snowmobiles or ice houses from us, find out what could potentially be in the water of the lake you’re visiting.

●        Water Activity. The reason rivers don’t freeze is that the water is continuously flowing. How active is the water in the lake or pond you’re getting ready to set your ice house on?

●        The Age of the Ice. Did you know that new ice is stronger than old ice? Fresh ice has fewer cracks or holes in it. It has been less affected by the water underneath.


How Much Weight is on the Ice

Both the weight of your load and how you distribute it can significantly affect how much it can support. If you get a larger ice house that accommodates several people, we recommend that you set a weight limit per person. Keep the weight spread out instead of centralizing it. The ice can only hold so much.


Less Snow Equals More Ice

Although snow is always cold on the surface, it has an insulating factor that keeps the cold air from freezing the earth’s surface. The snow can insulate a lake as well as it can insulate the solid ground. Therefore, if you see snow on a lake, you may want to think twice before driving or walking on it. Snow can also reduce ice visibility, so you never really know where the stable blankets are.


Fractional Toys Offers Ice House and Snowmobile Rentals

The next time you want to get out on the ice, then rent an ice house or snowmobile from Fractional Toys. We provide excellent quality ice houses at affordable rates. We can give you all the tools and equipment you need to set up a sturdy ice house that will withstand snow, wind, and rain. To reserve your ice house, call us at 651-340-0937, or you can message us at We provide rentals in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.