Camping? In Minnesota? At this time of year? You must think we’ve gone crazy! It’s easier and more comfortable than you might think though – that is when you rent the camper from Oakdale’s not-so-secret treasure: a supplier of outdoor recreational toys.


Yes, we are bragging about ourselves! But it’s totally backed up by our testimonials. With everything from tiny teardrop models to huge pull-behinds, our recreational rental fleet at Fractional Toys has something super fun and functional for every price point. Plus, with generators available for rent and many camper rentals coming with a water heater, you’ll be ready to take to the outdoors in comfort and luxury! Spend the night close to your outdoor getaway of choice and wake up right there, ready to embrace the action.


If you’re truly itching for some motorized fun, check out our ATV and snowmobile rentals. Our recreational rental services have everything you need for an alternatively cozy and action-packed winter getaway.


Now then… a few tips for those of you who are renting a camper for the first time!

Tips to Haul Your Camper Safely

Whether you’re bringing along the aforementioned extra snowmobile rentals and ATV rentals or not, if you’re taking a trailer or camper with you, one thing’s for certain:


You’re going to need to know how to haul it.


Because your vehicle is so large, both in weight and in size, when a camper is added on, handling it is going to be a little tricky at first. Plus, you’ll need to learn to watch for other drivers, who behave differently around large vehicles than they do small ones.


Don’t panic – you haven’t even gotten behind the wheel yet! With our tips below, you’ll be driving safely with your added load in no time.


●        Pay attention to your blind spots. Before you head out for real, have a partner or friend walk around your camper rental. See anything unusual? That’s a trick question: you’ll be seeing a whole lot less!


Larger vehicles or vehicles hauling trailers have larger blind spots, so always keep this in mind, especially if you suspect someone might be tailgating you. Many other drivers who have never hauled before don’t know that blind spots increase in volume, so those who share the road with you may not give you your due space.


●        It takes you longer to stop. This is a no-brainer, of course, but it’s all-too-often forgotten in the heat of the moment. Plus, Minnesota is well-known for its icy roads, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this.


In short: your vehicle is bigger now and far less agile than it used to be. While you can easily learn to compensate for this, if you aren’t giving the road your full attention, it’s easy to slip into autopilot and drive as if you weren’t hauling anything. So be mindful and remember: Stopping takes time!


●        Get a few practice runs in before you head out for real. Consider adding a day or two onto your recreational rental to learn how to better haul it. Nothing ruins your vacation fun like encountering hauling problems!


Set yourself up for success and take a few short drives before you leave with your trailer in tow. You’ll get a better feel for your vehicle’s new weight and maneuverability.

Planning a Stress-Free Camping Experience

Aside from learning how to haul, a little pre-trip planning is helpful outside of that if you're looking to have the best camping experience ever. While our recreational rentals are so luxe and modern it can be tempting to drive off into the sunset immediately, please do the following beforehand:


●        Estimate your gas costs. While it may be impossible to guess exactly how much you’ll pay for gas, given that you’ve never hauled before, just know that it will probably be more than you would pay without a trailer. Set aside much more than you think you’ll need or use an online tool to get a benchmark cost.


●        Consider your animal’s needs, if you’re bringing one. Does your dog have separation anxiety? Is your kitty a hair too scratch happy? Perhaps it might not be the best to bring them on the trip. While we at Fractional Toys are perfectly happy to allow pets in our trailers when the rental cost is paid, we ask that our trailer rentals and camper rentals come back in as good a condition as they came.


●        Give yourself an itinerary. There’s no use driving willy nilly, as you could incur extra charges if your rental isn’t brought back on time. Plus, with an itinerary, you’ll get to experience everything that your dream camping trip entails. Here are a few great places to visit with our camper rentals!

Stay Toasty Warm on Your Trip With a Camper Rental From Fractional Toys

Our rental fleet is just waiting for you to take it for a spin! For more information, give our Oakdale location a call at 651-340-0937, or our Coon Rapids office at 763-406-2488.