Ice fishing is as Minnesotan a hobby as they come. Sitting out on a lake, dropping a hook in the ice, and kicking back with your friends as tunes play softly in the background… we don’t blame you for wanting to give it a try!


At Fractional Toys, we’ve got everything you need to make your first ice-fishing experience a great one. Though you may know us as a provider of anything from ATV rentals to snowmobile rentals, we also pride ourselves on renting out the finest wheeled ice houses available. Come see us for ice house rentals today and get your feet wet (While keeping them dry!) with wintertime fishing.

Why Should I Rent an Ice House From Fractional Toys?

Great question! We admit, if you asked all Minnesotans, many would say a fish house isn’t totally necessary. A lot of people from here are used to looking out on the lake and seeing it dotted with seemingly thousands of tiny tents, or even fishermen with nothing more than overturned buckets and poles (though fully decked-out houses are becoming more and more popular).


So why spend money on luxury? What’s so special about ice house rentals from Fractional Toys anyhow?

Ice House Rentals Keep You Safer While You Fish

Face it: Minnesota is cold. Really cold. Could enough to sometimes make even the most die-hard Midwesterner shudder. Sitting out in this cold in a tent on the ice is, for many people, not the healthiest thing.


Frostbite and hypothermia are very real threats up here, even with the use of hand-warmers and climate-tested winter gear. A tent, though it provides some wind protection, simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to protecting your health. This is especially true if you’re an older individual or one who is otherwise predisposed to illness from the cold. Insulation is often poor, meaning whatever heat is generated from the inside is lost.


An ice cave from Fractional Toys, though – that’s another story. With some of our models even having full-out fireplaces, cold-related concerns become a thing of the past. Enjoy a hot meal on a stove or in a microwave, and snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket while keeping your rod in the water. Ice house rentals enable anyone to enjoy ice fishing in a safe and healthy fashion, all while avoiding the wrath of a Minnesotan winter. Talk about the ultimate in comfort!

Most Ice House Rentals Have Bathrooms

Something that nobody seems to talk about: Where do ice fishers go to the bathroom? A tiny tent provides no space for this, so many are required to hike across the lake, at the very least, for some privacy. Peeling off all of the winter gear required to stay warm certainly takes a while on top of that; that’s time you could be spending watching your rod!


In contrast to tents, ice house rentals from Fractional Toys come equipped with a bathroom only a few steps away from where the action is, making those oh-so-necessary trips all the quicker. You’ll be able to get back to manning your post in no time at all, especially since, given that these ice house rentals are indubitably warm, you won’t need to spend time fighting with all your winter gear.

Ice House Rentals Give You More Privacy

There’s something about being out on the ice with someone that often leads to close bonds. Fishing friendships run deep, as any outdoorsman will tell you, and the family that fishes together stays together. You deserve privacy with which to engage in these relationships – after all, it’s hard to get to know someone on a deep level in a crowded bar scene, so why is a crowded lake scene any different?


While tents may give the illusion of privacy, the walls there are very thin; conversations could easily be heard. This is far from the case when it comes to ice house rentals from Fractional Toys. With sturdy ice house walls on all four sides, you and your family and friends can pass time together in peace, without worrying about disturbing others with your laughter or conversations.

Enjoy the Comforts of Home on the Ice With Fractional Toys

Ready to take to the lake in comfort, efficiency, and privacy? Fractional Toys has you covered!


We have three separate models available when it comes to ice house rentals, and our two convenient locations – Oakdale and Coon Rapids – make it easy for anyone to find just the ice house they need. Add our friendly and knowledgeable staff on top of that, and your upcoming ice-fishing trip is bound to be a bonanza!


Don’t miss a bite – check out our ice house rentals today! Contact our Oakdale location at 651-340-0937 or our Coon Rapids office at 763-406-2488.