Have you ever been the victim of that guy during your afternoon commute? We all know the kind – the reckless driver who zips through traffic at warp speed, breaks at least two laws while doing so, and seems to have forgotten their turn signal even exists.


Maybe they’re a tad too liberal with their horn, or maybe they cut anyone off that they please. Talk about a human headache! Once you pull off the highway and leave them to their unlawful devices, you probably breathe a sigh of relief. Thank goodness they didn’t cause an accident.


You might think that being that guy is always a conscious choice, and maybe it is when it comes to driving a car. There are plenty of signs there to guide you, after all, and driver’s education is quite extensive. However, when it comes to ATV rentals, snowmobile rentals, and other recreational rentals, ignorance can easily lead a person to drive with a lack of courtesy, making the trails a stressful, no-fun place for everyone.


Of course, you probably already know to observe things like speed limits and restrictions and the like, but many trail norms are unposted and unspoken, leaving new or rental riders completely in the dark. Not only can this lead to unsafe situations, it can also cause renters a great deal of anxiety and discourage them from getting out there and having a blast in the first place.


Unfamiliarity with basic trail courtesy rules can make you feel like you’re in a country whose language you don’t speak and whose culture you only have a vague knowledge of. You want to communicate and be as respectful as you can, but the knowledge and tools just aren’t there. How awkward and frustrating!


At Fractional Toys, we want your first snowmobile rental, ATV rental, side-by-side rental, or other recreational rental to be, well, the opposite of awkward and frustrating. We’re all about fun, after all, and we’re here to help you cut through the crud and have a blast, whether that be through providing awesome toys for rent or telling you how to use them on our recreational rentals blog.


Let’s discuss some common and universal trail etiquette that applies to all riders, regardless of their vehicle, to help keep everyone safe and happy.

Share the Trails When Using a Recreational Rental

The number one thing to keep in mind when taking your recreational rental out for a spin: You’re not the only person who uses these trails.


Your responsibility as a vehicle rider is to respect the ground beneath your wheels, in addition to your fellow outdoorsmen and park officials – even if they don’t behave as they should. Wherever you encounter a challenge you’re unfamiliar with, use this rule of thumb to help you to navigate it. It makes things easier than you might think!


Of course, like we said, the trails are filled with rules that may not be obvious at first thought, and respecting those rules is a crucial part of your responsibilities.

Go Through obstacles, Not Around Them

While respecting your limits, of course. Trails are designated spaces for you to ride your vehicle, and off-roading can result in erosion issues, which are a major drag for officials to repair. Plus, you can damage rare flora that live off-road.


If you encounter an on-the-trail obstacle, such as mud or a bump, navigate through it while staying on the trail if it is safe to do so and your vehicle can handle it. Better yet, to avoid challenges that are too much for your skill level, stick to trails far below that threshold.

Yield to Unpredictable Pedestrians

Especially those with pets, and especially those with horses. You have a much better control of your machine than these people might do their animals, so defer to them when approaching.


A slow and watchful pass is best. You don’t need to stare, of course – simply to slow down, acknowledge, and wait for the signal that you can move past.

Don’t Block Trail Access

Don’t block off any access points to the trails, whether you’re pulled over or “staging” (preparing your vehicle for your ride). Recreational rentals take up more space than you might think, and if you’re not used to working with that space, it can be easy for things to get awkward real fast.


Leave ample room for yourselves and other riders to enter and exit the trails, and remember – some riders might bring bigger vehicles than you. Get yourself ready as far away from trailheads as you can, and when it comes to pulling over, pretend you’re doing it on a busy highway instead of a serene and natural space. You’ll help keep things safe, seamless, and fun for everyone.

Contact Fractional Toys & See What the Outdoors Are All About

Rules and responsibilities aside, the trails are quite the welcoming place, and with the equally welcoming staff at the Oakdale and Coon Rapids Fractional Toys, you’ll be all set to dive right in.


To find the perfect rental toy for you, stop in today or contact our Oakdale location at 651-340-0937. You can also drop our Coon Rapids office a line at 763-406-2488.