Want to take your dog with you on vacation? We get it! Our pups can feel just like family, and they offer unconditional love and support – much needed during these trying times. Plus, boarding your dog can cause undue stress on everybody; It’s hard to fully enjoy your time off when you’re worried about whether your furkid is being well cared for. Wrangling someone you trust to pet sit can also be a challenge, and it’s typically a challenge you’ll have to pay generously for!


If you’re looking for a pet-friendly vacation, short of a private jet, renting a camper (towable) or motorhome (driveable) is the best way to travel. Because when you rent from Fractional Toys, you won’t have to worry about a pet sitter! We encourage you to take your well-behaved dog along for the ride as you explore the country and make the most of the great outdoors.


Before you head out though, there are plenty of things to consider beforehand, as well as many items to cross off your to-do list. Bringing your dog along in a rented vehicle is not something to take lightly, and you’ll have a much better time if you plan accordingly.

Fractional Toys welcomes dogs!

That’s one thing you can mark off your list! As a recreational equipment rental provider, we’re glad to open our doors to your canine counterparts. Our goal is to provide your crew with everything you need to have a great experience, and if that means bringing your pup, we’re all too happy to accomodate.


We have specific pet-friendly units that allow dogs, so please let us know about your “plus woof” when making your reservation. ALL of our campers and motorhomes are incredibly clean!

Please read our pet addendum.

We also have a few policies in place when it comes to dogs and our equipment. These policies are designed to keep dogs and renters comfortable, as well as ensure the future viability of our RV rentals. We want everyone, pets and future clients alike, to enjoy their time, and that can’t happen if the vehicles aren’t treated respectfully.


●        Absolutely no evidence that a dog has stayed in the vehicle should exist upon return. We want to know if you’re taking a dog along (more on that later). We simply do not have the time to clean up after him or her – we’ve got snowmobiles, ATVs, and other toys to take care of.


Dog smells and stains in the camper or motorhome interior result in costly replacements and maintenance on our end – additional charges on yours. This means you’ll want to plan for time to sweep/vacuum dog hair and eliminate stains and odors prior to returning the RV. If you’re able to keep your dog off of furniture altogether, which we ask in the addendum, your cleanup before our cleanup should be easy!


●        Dogs cannot be left unattended to free range in the camper or motorhome. Animals are unpredictable, and even the most well-trained pup can surprise its owners, especially in a new environment. To prevent your animal’s stress and unexpected rental-wide destruction, please crate your pup if you must leave the vehicle without it.


●        Let us know right away if your rental party includes a dog. Only some of our RV rentals are eligible for canine inhabitation. To ensure you’re assigned one of these, be honest about your dogs! It helps us keep future clients comfortable, as well as find a particular RV rental that will be suitable for you and your furry friend.


For the full list of requirements, read our pet addendum. It may seem like a lot of red tape, but please read it carefully to ensure you and your pup have the best experience paws-ible!

Helpful tips for an RV trip with a dog

Assess whether your dog is ready for a trip behaviorally.

While you might look forward to this camper or motorhome rental, in your pup’s mind there’s quite a bit to be concerned about – a new space, potentially being cooped up for long periods, being introduced to a crate for the first time, you name it – and stress can cause your best friend to behave differently. Some dogs resort to destructive behaviors. Ask yourself if bringing your pet along is something the both of you are mentally ready for before booking your rental.

Sort your dog’s food into daily portions.

And pack a few extra! This ensures you don’t forget any medications or supplements, and you’ll always have meals at the ready if something happens to your stock.

Bring dog furniture.

Make your pooch feel at home with their own luxuries, such as a crate, dog bed, and food and water dishes. Providing your dog with their own comfy place to hang out not only promotes a feeling of security for your pet, but also helps prevent them from wanting to climb on the camper’s seats, dinette area, or beds.


Pack stress-relieving toys.

If something unexpectedly does go awry, you need to have tools at the ready. Stash some stress-busters in your suitcase, whether they be a favorite chew toy, a much-loved blanket, or a KONG filled with peanut butter – whatever works as a good distraction for your pup.

Contact Fractional Toys for dog-friendly RV rentals!

We’ve got the keys to your next dog-friendly RV vacation! Send our Oakdale location a message online, or call today at 651-340-0937 to see what’s available. Coon Rapids folks can reach our corresponding office at 763-406-2488.