Here in Minnesota, our brutally long and cold winters can be especially difficult for individuals and families who choose not to embrace the many winter activities that this climate offers.

Snowmobiling has traditionally been associated with being very expensive and requiring a substantial investment in equipment and apparel. However, by being resourceful, a snowmobile ride doesn’t have to break the bank.

The Snowmobile

With the average new snowmobile now costing $9,000-15,000 or more, owning can be quite cost prohibitive. If you’re not ready to make the investment, consider finding a snowmobile rental in Minnesota. Whether you rent locally and haul to your wilderness destination or want to get your machine right on the trails, Minnesota and northern Wisconsin have plenty of rental options.

Depending on the age and performance level of the machine, daily snowmobile rentals average $200-2300 per day during the week and $600-1,000 for the weekend. Renting is absolutely the way to go if you only intend to ride a few times per year and want to ride the newest equipment on the trails.

Towing Equipment

If you don’t own a tow vehicle and trailer, consider borrowing or renting one for your trip. Most car rental agencies offer full size trucks and trailers for daily rentals at affordable rates. Some snowmobile rentals companies even include the trailer in their daily or weekend rental rate.  


From head to toe, snowmobile apparel can also add up fast. And, if you’re not sure that you’re ready to commit to the sport, purchasing everything can get expensive. Instead of buying new, consider:

●        Shopping for discount gear at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store. This is where a lot of good gear ends up and, if you time it right, you can score some incredible gear at bargain prices.

●        Borrow gear from friends. Just be sure you try everything on beforehand to confirm the fit of all your apparel and that it’ll be warm enough for your ride.

●        Rent from a resort. Some resorts offer nearly everything you will need to ride safely and comfortably. Just be sure you call ahead to see what’s available.

Ride Local

The past few winters have delivered plenty of good snowfall locally in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Rather than soaking up all the expense of planning an overnight trip to northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the Upper Peninsula, consider riding locally on the trail systems in and around the Twin Cities.

A couple popular trails that offer plenty of good riding include:

●        Elm Creek

●        Luce Line

●        Rice Creek

●        Wild Rivers

With so many great snowmobile trails surrounding the Twin Cities, there are hundreds of miles of trails to explore within 30 minutes of downtown Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Most importantly, ride safely within your experience level and trail conditions, follow trail signs to avoid riding on private property, and ALWAYS ride with others. 

Snowmobile Rentals in the Twin Cities

If you are planning a snowmobile trip this winter, Fractional Toys offers a great lineup of new and gently used Polaris and Ski Doo snowmobiles for rent in Rogers and Oakdale, Minnesota.

To reserve your snowmobile rental, call 651-360-1617 or send us a reservation inquiry.