With the pandemic still at large, more and more people are finding themselves in need of temporary housing services. A place to live in the interim, whether it’s between purchased homes or rental properties, is indispensable nowadays. But it also must be safe, sanitary, and private to be truly worth one’s while. Given the public health situation and hard times everywhere, this cannot be overstated!

If you need temporary housing services yourself, you may be struggling to find options that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. If the clock is ticking on your timeline, you may even be considering cheap options that are less than ideal, like crashing on a friend’s couch or sleeping in your vehicle. Your temporary housing is only temporary, after all.

We at Fractional Toys understand your thrifty mindset. As a provider of recreational rental services, we make it possible for fun-seekers on a budget to experience the thrill of powerful machines. However, we also know that you should never sacrifice your wellbeing when it comes to the already stressful process of moving. That’s why, if you need temporary housing, you should consider an RV rental!

Yes, You Can Rent an RV for Temporary Housing Services!

We admit that a stereotypically recreational rental might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to residential temporary housing services – that’d typically be a hotel. However, camper rentals are indeed a versatile temporary housing solution, and not just for those switching houses. If your current home is undergoing renovations or has recently been affected by storm damage, for example, you’ll also find great use in such a rental.

But why would you want a camper rental for your residential temporary housing needs, as opposed to a hotel? What makes them a better booster of you and your family’s well-being?

Motorhome Rentals Can Help Keep Your Family Healthy

It’s common sense that the more people you come into contact with, the higher the potential for viral transmission. Unfortunately, when you spend time in a hotel, you’re surrounded by strangers – strangers whose travel history and social distancing habits are unknown. Even if hotel staff are fastidious about cleanliness, and many are, your family still remains at an inherently higher risk of getting sick with a hotel stay.

Camper rentals, on the other hand, are isolated from large groups of people; they’re a space for you and your family alone that keeps you more safe from potential sickness. Stay healthy in your very own rented RV from Fractional Toys, complete with even better amenities than some hotel rooms. Our vehicles that are used for temporary housing services even have gas stoves!

Your family is no doubt already tense right now, as are you. Staying away from home out of necessity is always stressful. Don’t let the risk of illness make it worse! Invest in a smarter temporary housing solution with a camper rental.

RV Rentals From Fractional Toys Are Cost-Effective

It’s no secret that hotels are pricey. Why else would there be entire websites built to find the cheapest ones?

When you’re looking for temporary housing solutions, this can sure get irksome. Sure, there may be televisions and microwaves in the rooms, but do you really need to pay that much for basic appliances? With the only obvious alternative being that sketchy motel down the way, you might begrudgingly swallow your frustration and assume so.

But there’s a more cost-effective way for your family to get the temporary housing services you need: an RV rental from Fractional Toys. Our camper rentals come with many of the same amenities a hotel would have, such as a shower and fridge, and they’re often a more affordable rental solution in both the short and long term.

Don’t drop hundreds on a space that nickels and dimes you for the bare minimum – book your temporary housing services with Fractional Toys today!

Enjoy Your Privacy!

Though many hotels do a great job keeping rooms spaces unto themselves, constantly needing to walk up and down hallways filled with strangers can feel suffocating for families not accustomed to living in such close quarters. Even if your family can stomach such a lifestyle just fine, it’s still much more calming to have your own personal space.

Luckily, a camper rental from Fractional Toys can provide you with just that. Because you’re not surrounded by strangers, your family can let their hair down inside them, just as you did while at home. Provide them with the opportunity they need to rest and recharge, away from prying eyes and inescapable presences.

Contact Fractional Toys Today for Temporary Housing Solutions

Whether you’ve been displaced by a natural disaster, are in the process of renovating your home, or need a place to stay in the midst of a move, Fractional Toys has a fleet of campers ready to accommodate your temporary housing needs.

Our temporary housing amenities include:

●        Spacious, walk-around bedroom

●        Double bunks for additional adults or children

●        Full bathroom with shower

●        Refrigerator and freezer

●        Gas stove with oven

●        Microwave

●        Storage space

With two convenient locations in Rogers and Oakdale, we make it easy for you to get the temporary housing services you need. Make an investment in your family’s well-being today and give us a call. You can reach our Oakdale location at 651-360-1667, or speak to our Rogers staff at 763-265-6891.