People come to Fractional Toys for many different reasons. For some, it’s the cost of a new ATV or snowmobile; They’d love to own, but it’s not in the budget. Others simply prefer the freedom of renting because it means not having to deal with maintenance. Plus, you get to try out a fleet of vehicles for the road, trails, and water. Do you have a habit of impulse-renting, just because you’re dying to try some new and powerful machine?

Even with some of the most affordable options around, renting from Fractional Toys isn’t free. We want our die-hard fans and repeat customers to save money when they choose our services over and over, which is why we’re proud to offer memberships! We believe that fun should be for everyone, and we’re doing our part to make that philosophy a reality.

With a single yearly payment or by-the-month options, our recreational rental memberships get more kinds of keys out to more kinds of people! Here’s how it works.

Fractional Toys Membership Plans

Our membership plans are simple. Instead of paying for the rentals themselves, you pay upfront or monthly for points, which are redeemable at either of our locations.

Using these points, you’re able to get pre-paid recreational equipment rental at a much more affordable price than you would if renting it on a case-by-case basis. (Check out our Points System chart here.)

●        Membership comes at varying levels and price points. As we said, fun is for everyone! We currently offer five levels of membership to choose from, each with different annual points totals to make the program fair for everyone. You’ll know exactly what you are paying for and what you’re receiving.

●        Though the prices may look steep at first glance, membership is actually a great value. If you rent quite a bit, it can be intimidating to look at all that money presented up front in a single sum as membership dues. However, as we said, our recreational rental membership actually is designed to make frequent rental more accessible and more affordable. By renting, you also cut out vehicle insurance costs, purchase prices, and maintenance payments, as well as the sting of dealing with depreciation when it comes time to sell.

●        Choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. Membership dues are automatically processed on the 15th of each month, or you can pay your annual membership fee upfront.

●        When you want to use your membership, make reservations. You can email, call us, or come see us in person. Members can book in advance as far out as they like!

Individual Membership

There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing your own wellbeing during these trying times, and with an individual recreational rental membership from Fractional Toys, you can do just that. Enjoy affordable access to all your favorite outdoor toys – and spread the fun if you want to!

With even the most budget-friendly membership level, you have the option to rent multiple machines to spontaneously treat a friend, or you can set up a family-wide boat ride for the weekend with a tier only one stage higher. No matter what membership level you purchase, it can be both a sound investment in your state of mind and a great way to bond with those you love.

Corporate Membership

Memberships are a great option for businesses too! Whether you’re working to woo that difficult client, reward top earners, or host a team-building activity, our recreational rental memberships for companies can serve just that purpose. Corporate plans are customizable, making them a fit for nearly any business – from start-up companies to large corporations – that’s interested in the thrill of high-end outdoor machines.

Why Buy a Fractional Toys Recreational Rental Membership?

Well, we’ve given you quite a few reasons – affordability being the primary one. If your spouse is complaining about your pricey rental habit or you’re not quite happy with the cost yourself, this is the perfect solution. Embrace both adrenaline-pumping fun and great savings with a membership from Fractional Toys. The two really can go hand in hand!

Our membership program can do a lot more for you than just save you money though. We’re not exaggerating when we say that it can revolutionize your relationship with the outdoors!

●        Open your eyes to a whole new world of fun by trying a range of recreational rentals. Never tried an RV rental? Curious about snowmobile rentals? With the affordability a Fractional Toys membership grants, you can explore a huge amount of outdoor possibilities. You could find a new favorite outdoor sport you’d never have tried otherwise.

●        Take friends along for the ride. With a Fractional Toys membership, you can afford to share heart-pounding fun with those you love, thanks to affordable fees and our wide range of rental options. Don’t be afraid to call up a friend to hit the ATV trails with you this weekend; If they don’t have a membership too, we can just hook them up with a machine to rent. And just imagine how nice it would be to invite friends on your boat rental this summer!

●        Enjoy flexibility alongside affordability. Your membership level isn’t set in stone! You can purchase additional points or upgrade any time you’d like. Because rates are affordable, your impromptu recreational rentals can become affordable too, even if you end up spending more points than default membership options grant you!

Additional great features of a Fractional Toys membership include:

●        Points that roll over between payment periods, so you always get your money’s worth

●        Flexible drop-off times

●        Access to our exclusive Club House

●        Exclusive informational materials, such as seminars, newsletters, and blogs

●        Discounts on official Fractional Toys gear

●        Top-notch concierge services

●        Accessories, including fishing, camping, boating, and powersports gear included at NO extra charge

Membership FAQs

●        How long does the membership last? Fractional Toys memberships are annual and start on a rolling calendar year.

●        What are the age limits? All members must be at least 25 years of age due to insurance requirements. Members are required to follow all manufacturer recommended ages to operate all equipment.

●        Do points expire? For the duration of the membership agreement, points will not expire. Unused points will roll over year to year for Silver level and above if the member renews their agreement at the same level or above.

Read many more frequently asked questions and answers about our memberships here!

How to Apply

Our recreational rental membership program is a no-catch, nothing-to-lose opportunity for the passionate outdoorsman. With affordable membership tiers, anyone can enjoy the power and excitement of a state-of-the-art rental fleet.

Ready to apply? You have a few options:

1.      Print out a recreational rental membership form here, then drop it off or mail it to us.

2.      You can also apply online here!

3.      Or stop in at either of our locations!

At Fractional Toys, we don’t just make recreational rentals affordable – we also make getting a hold of them easy! With two convenient locations near to the Twin Cities in Oakdale and Rogers, it’s never been simpler to turn the ignition and take to the great outdoors. To inquire about our money-saving membership program, give our Oakdale location a call today at 651-360-1667, or reach our Rogers location at 763-265-6891.