A vacation? In 2021? While the Coronavirus may have tossed your previous getaway plans out the window, there still is indeed a way to get your family the R&R you deserve this year. Take it from Fractional Toys, your Oakdale and Rogers provider of recreational rentals:

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Are RV Rentals a Smart Vacation Choice Right Now?

That’s a fair question. You may question the affordability of such a rental, wondering if it will fit into your ever-tightening pandemic budget. And you may not know the first thing about campers and motorhomes – why go through all the stress of learning about them? Isn’t a vacation supposed to be all fun?

You’d be right about the fun part, but we’re here to put all your concerns to rest. RV rentals are simple, affordable, safe, and fun – the perfect combination of ingredients to make your well-deserved retreat fantastic.

The RV Rental and Driving Process Is Simple

When most people think of driving a large vehicle like a motorhome, they might think doing so requires a special sort of licence, like a class B CDL. Good news: Most kinds don’t!

If you’ve got a standard driver’s licence, you’re usually good to drive a wide variety of RV rentals, though there are a few exceptions. If you can rent a car, you can typically rent an RV.

Does that mean that most RV rentals are easy to drive? Absolutely! Sure, some may take a little getting used to – they are much bigger than a standard car, after all. Usually a tiny test drive is all it takes for drivers to get accommodated though, and then they’re ready to hit the road with no trouble at all. Take the stress-free route to your 2021 vacation with an RV rental from Fractional Toys!

RV Rentals Fit a Variety of Budgets

When it comes to motel and hotel room rentals, your budget usually dictates the quality of your stay. If you can’t cough up the money for luxury, it’s not that exciting.

But our RV rental process at Fractional Toys provides fun for all kinds of budgets. We believe that having a good time with your loved ones isn’t something money should deter you from, especially now, when quality time is needed more than ever.

All of our campers and motorhomes are clean and well-kept, and we have strict pet policies that ensure they remain as such in between customers. No matter if you’re renting our most affordable or most luxurious model, you can trust that you’ll be staying in some great digs. Plus, since all of our RVs are (obviously) mobile, you’ll always get to enjoy all the freedom and spontaneity that comes with a motorhome rental vacation.

Regardless of your budget, you owe it to yourself to take a load off, but you don’t need to compromise on a quality stay to do so. Check out Fractional Toys’ camper and motorhome rentals today!

Why RV Rental Vacations Are Safe

●        The only people you absolutely must come into contact with are those you take with you.

●        You can drive to where the people – and the transmissions – aren’t. Circumnavigate any potential disease hotspots with ease.

●        Get rid of the risks that come with mass transit, which is a general requirement for getting from place to place with most vacations.

●        Our RVs are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each reservation to help protect our guests. And since RV rentals don’t include bedding, bringing your own will give you peace of mind that it’s fresh!

You deserve a vacation, of course, but the fact that we’re in the midst of a pandemic can’t be ignored. The pandemic isn’t over just because we wish it were! Make the sanitary and sensible choice this year.

Most Importantly, RV Rentals Are a Blast!

What other vacation type allows for as much spontaneity as a camper or motorhome rental? Under the open sky with the wheel in your hands, anything feels possible. At a time where so many things feel impossible, this feeling is all but priceless.

Find a parking space in a state you've always wanted to visit and make your vacation into an exploration, or seize the opportunity to make an itinerary of all your dream visits. The potential is endless. Bring your own food, your own creature comforts, even your own favorite creature – your pet! RV rentals are full of fun possibilities, and that means you can vacation your way and create an experience that’s just right.

What kind of hotel offers that sort of amenities?

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