RVing is synonymous with motorhome trips where somebody physically drives the RV versus towing it behind their vehicle. However, not everybody interested in renting or buying an RV will need a drivable rig. This guide is designed to help you identify the best RV rental for your needs!

Motorhome 101

A motorhome is a drivable RV, available in three classes:

●        Class A motorhomes are the largest option and are often operated by a diesel engine. From retirees to rock stars, Class As are the best way to travel the country in ultimate luxury.


●        Class B motorhomes are the more nimble “camper van” style RV that has recently exploded in popularity, especially amongst millennials who are looking for a smaller vehicle (fits two to four people) that optimizes fuel consumption and is easy to maneuver and park.


●        Class C motorhomes are the most popular size, ranging from 20 to 32 feet in length. Class Cs feature a sizable kitchen, living area, bathroom, and master bedroom. Many also have an over-cab double bed that sleeps two adults comfortably. Class C’s are also the most common motorhome for rentals.

Travel Trailers


If you already have a full-size truck or SUV, “bumper pull” style travel trailers or “campers” are a great option. Ranging from 12 to 30-plus feet in length, travel trailers offer a lot of options available for couples, families, and groups looking to get away for a few days or more.


●        Similar to Class A & C motorhomes, travel trailers generally also offer all the comforts of home, including a queen bed, dinette, living area, bathroom, and kitchen. Some even feature a slide-out to expand the available floor space considerably.


●        Many travel trailers also include single or double-size bunks, making travel trailers a great option for groups that need to sleep six or more guests.

One significant benefit of travel trailers over motorhomes is the ability to disconnect and take your tow vehicle anywhere you want to go for the day, whereas motorhome travel requires you to pack up and haul your home away from home with you wherever the road takes you.

Pop-Up Campers


If you’re on a tight budget or have a smaller tow vehicle, pop-up and A-frame style campers may be the way to go! Both designs generally include a small kitchenette with a dorm fridge, stove, and microwave but are less spacious and comfortable for longer trips compared to their larger counterparts.


Traditional pop-up campers utilize nylon tent fabric surrounding the beds, whereas A-frame campers are built with solid fiberglass construction for a quieter night’s sleep. Some pop ups even feature larger tires for off-the-grid or backwoods use.

Toy Haulers


If you have ATVs, side by sides, or a pair of motorcycles you want to take on your camping trip, a toy hauler is the way to go! Most are large enough for two ATVs, two motorcycles, or a single side by side while leaving plenty of space forward of the toy garage to utilize everything else you’ll need for a comfortable stay once you’ve arrived at your destination.


●        Once the toys are backed out, most toy haulers offer sleeping accommodations for four or more adults, along with a spacious kitchen, bathroom, and private master bedroom in the front.


●        Many toy haulers also include an onboard fuel tank to fill up your toys before a long day of riding, so feel free to leave the stinky red fuel cans at home.


●        Despite their large size, most toy haulers are half-ton towable – especially when using anti-sway bars, which are available with every rental from Fractional Toys!

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