For those who love ATV rentals but find the summer heat exhausting, jet skis provide the perfect compromise: cool fun in the sun without the heat.

And for those who’ve never even thought of an ATV rental or a similar, adrenaline-pumping experience, jet skis can serve as a wonderful introduction. There’s nothing quite like skipping along the waves on a zippy little machine that can outspeed half the lake! However, because jet skis are fast, small, and motorized, reckless riding has a way of ruining people’s days.

As someone who wants to rent a jet ski, it’s your responsibility to learn how to ride nicely before hitting the water. Fractional Toys, your Oakdale and Rogers provider of recreational rentals, is here to help with a brief guide.

Stay Seen & Watch Out

It’s a bit hard to miss a pontoon boat, but jet skis can be a little harder to spot for large commercial craft and the like. For example, if you’re crossing the wake of another vehicle, the tall waves can obscure your view of a boat that had the same idea.

A jet ski’s inconspicuousness can have dire consequences. Though they’re agile and quick, they tend to be the smallest thing on the open water, meaning that they don’t tend to fare well in collisions. Luckily, with a few simple driving tactics, you can practically eliminate the risk of danger and enjoy your ride without fear.

Pretend Wakes Are Busy Roads

When crossing oncoming traffic in a car—or even turning into it—you always look both ways, right? You want to make sure you won’t get yourself T-boned.

While you’re unlikely to get rammed into sideways on a jet ski unless you’re crossing a bonafide boat parade and not paying attention, the line of thinking is the same: Pause before going over the wakes of other vehicles. You should also cross those wakes slowly and alertly.

As we said above, these wakes create visibility issues, given that your jet ski is small. Just drive across them mindfully, and you’re good to go.

Understand Right of Way

In Minnesota, left-to-left passing is the law when you’re meeting another watercraft head-on. Because this makes cruising around the lake on autopilot an impossibility, you must watch the water around you at all times.

This seems like an obvious guideline, but it’s so often forgotten. Jet ski rentals are such a blast that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment!

Mind Local Laws

You’ve probably already familiarized yourself with Minnesota’s state requirements if you’re interested in recreational equipment rental services, and that’s a great first step. But we’re talking about super-local, lake-specific laws. These regulations govern, among other things, how fast you’re allowed to go in a given space, and they are flexible depending on the type of craft you drive. “No-wake speeds,” for example, is a frequently used term.

These laws may seem to put a damper on your fun at first glance, but they do quite a bit to keep your favorite lake enjoyable and usable, both now and for years to come.

●        They protect shorelines from erosion, keeping our natural spaces beautiful and our piers usable.

●        They keep swimmers safe by ensuring they don’t need to contend with unexpected waves.

●        They make sure shoreline vegetation has the right environment to grow, which in turn provides a habitat for fish and birds.

Want to check out the lay of the land before you take to the waves? The Minnesota DNR has regulations listed out in a convenient table for all our state’s lakes and rivers. Jet skis are referred to as “personal watercraft.”

Keep It Down

Sound carries over the water; Both your motor and your waterproof speaker are louder to the passerby than you might think!

While there’s a time and a place for raucous fun with your jet ski rental, watch your noise levels during pertinent times (morning, evening) and keep it down when you’re near piers or residential areas. You wouldn’t walk around a city street with a blaring boombox over your shoulder, so don’t do the equivalent here.

We all share this state’s lakes, and we all deserve to have a blast, no matter if we’re on a boat rental or a jet ski rental. Let’s all do our part and be courteous!

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