Ready to get bit by the boating bug? You better be, because the second you step into one of Fractional Toys’ boat rentals, you’ll be watercraft wild! Something about floating on a lake and staring up at the sky soothes the soul and manning the motors can make a person feel powerful. Couple those feelings with a unique opportunity to spend time with family away from electronics and everyday life’s hustle and bustle, and how could you not come back for more?

Your first trip when you rent a boat is bound to be amazing, but with just a little prep work and forethought, you can make it something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Fractional Toys, your Oakdale and Rogers provider of recreational rental services, offers a handy first-time boating guide below.

Choosing the Right Boat Rental

At Fractional Toys, we offer fishing boats and pontoons for rent. While you may be tempted to choose the fishing model if you plan on dropping a rod in the water, hang on a second! There’s a little more to picking the right boat rental than a name, and making a sound decision is essential to having a good time.

Pontoon Boats: For the Family or Friend Group Looking For Fun

A pontoon boat is roomier and heftier than a fishing boat, making it the perfect fit for a relaxing afternoon on the lake. They also feature an easy-open door, making getting into them easier for the young and old alike. With a sun awning and a throw cushion, our models are fit for taking it easy in.

You can still fish off of a pontoon—nobody is stopping you! If your family has the proper licensure and is looking for some leisurely sport, a pontoon can accommodate. If, however, you’ve got a crew of serious anglers, you might consider...

Fishing Boats: For Netting a Big One

Complete with a fish finder, a trolling motor, and fold-up seats, our fishing boat model can get you into tight spaces, find your next catch, and make room for all your gear—all with a seven-person capacity to boot!

While this boat can certainly provide you with a relaxing getaway like our pontoon models, it excels as a relatively speedy and maneuverable angling vessel. We definitely recommend this one if you’re looking to bring home dinner!

Choosing the Right Lake

Minnesota isn’t called “The Land Of 10,000 Lakes” for nothing! Our state has plenty of the things, each with their own ecosystem, regulations, and popularity level. Before you jet off to the nearest body of water, spend some time on the internet checking out the bodies of water near you.

You can find your family’s perfect match by considering...

The Local Fish Population

While recreational anglers or kids might be happy to reel in anything, if your family is full of die-hard fishers or you’re interested in a good catch, you obviously can’t just set up shop anywhere.

For example, big Walleyes tend to hang out in deeper water with a rocky bottom, while Northern Pike tend to enjoy weedier surroundings. Choose a lake with an environment conducive to what you want to catch. Bonus points if the spot is known for your species!

The Minnesota DNR can be a helpful resource here!

How Many People Will Be There

Of course, you can’t predict this with 100% accuracy, but it’s safe to say that the big-name lakes (Mille Lacs, Pepin, Leech) draw bigger crowds, especially as fishing season dawns.

There’s bound to be something that’s charming about these places, either to fish or to people. But if you’re looking for a secluded getaway or less competitive angling, it might be better to search for hidden gems.

What’s Around & Available

You’re going to be hungry and tuckered out after a long day on the lake. Does your destination of choice have local food joints? How about open hotel rooms?

You might not think you’ll have a problem with this if you’re opting for a more well-known lake, but accommodations fill up quickly around this time of year. Never assume you’ll just “find something on the way up.” Always reserve what you can ahead of time.

If you’re making a getaway at a secluded, lesser-known lake, you may have to settle for driving a few miles for a bedroom or lunch. Sometimes, though, this can be a good thing—who doesn’t like a little sightseeing?

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