The demand for RV rentals is greater than ever before, and more and more private RV owners have decided to supplement their income by renting out their motorhome or camper to people who want to experience the RV lifestyle for themselves.

While this may seem like a great idea, it’s important to understand the differences between private party (peer-to-peer) RV rentals and those offered through traditional RV rental agencies, like Fractional Toys in Minnesota.

Beware of Hidden Fees

There are a few popular websites online where private RV rentals can be found, making the search process quite easy. However, when comparing private party versus RV rental agency rates, you need to watch for hidden fees when booking online.

Booking, convenience, credit card processing, and cleaning fees can add up quickly, turning an appealing “Rent from $99 per night” rate into what’s actually a $150-200 average daily rate.

Be sure to compare the actual final rates between private parties and rental agencies to ensure there are no surprises.

Convenient Pickup Timing

When booking an RV rental, it’s also important to verify the pickup and return time so it doesn’t delay or rush your travel plans.

If the RV owner has a 9-to-5 job, you may only be able to pick up your rental in the evening, which could significantly delay when you’ll be able to hit the road.

On the other hand, most RV rental businesses are open at least 8-10 hours per day – especially during peak season rentals – so there’s plenty of flexibility with rental pickups and returns to accommodate your travel needs.

Early pickups and late returns may also be available for added convenience. They might even offer delivery!

RV Insurance

This is a big one!! Always beware when using a private party RV rental that, if the vehicle is not commercially insured, it’s unlikely that any personal auto insurance policy will cover damages incurred during the rental.

RV rental agencies understand the insurance requirements and will always ensure the vehicle has sufficient coverage should there be an accident or surprise hail storm during the reservation.

Single Vehicles vs. Fleet

As the Twin Cities’ leading RV rental agency, Fractional Toys’ staff regularly receive calls from people who had a private party rental booked, but received a last minute cancellation because the vehicle requires emergency repairs or the owner has decided to take it for personal use.

This is NEVER a good thing but, unfortunately, when a private party only has one motorhome or camper, if it comes back requiring maintenance or is damaged, the following reservation may be cancelled.

When booking a rental through an RV rental agency, on the other hand, they typically have extra RVs that can be made available should a particular vehicle come back requiring repair, so the next reservation can hit the road without a cancellation.

With two convenient Twin Cities metro locations in Rogers and Oakdale, Minnesota, Fractional Toys is committed to taking the surprises out of RV rentals! Whether you’re a first time RV’er or an experienced one, you’ll enjoy a seamless and relaxing rental experience.

Call or stop by today to set up your reservation!