Boating is the Perfect Team Building Activity

When you’re running a business, there are so many deadlines and protocols that it is easy to forget what makes your company successful – your employees working well together.

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Have the Need for Speed? Check Out Our Sea Ray 240 Select.

Do you like things fast – fast cars, fast lines, fast internet? Do you miss the water – warm days, new trunks, and Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes? We combine both to make your wishes come true with the Sea Ray 240 Select.

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Camp in Comfort with the Echo 25’ North Bay RV

Whether you’re looking to spend some time with Mother Nature or go on an inexpensive summer vacation, nothing beats the sights, the fun, and the ease of camping with a family RV.

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Feeling Cooped Up? Enjoy the Spring Weather on an ATV!

Have you been trapped indoors for the last six months? Attached to your recliner and TV? Avoiding the ice, the cold, and the outdoors? Well, spring is here, and it’s time to embrace your freedom. Get outside and play!

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Take Advantage of Every Single Sunny Day

Snow is melting and Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes are beginning to thaw. Every Northerner knows what that means – it’s time to get out your shorts and sunglasses, because spring is here!

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Treat Your Top Clients and Team Members with Our Company Package

With so many elements of your business to run – scheduling, bills, contracts, deadlines – it’s easy to let the most important element get brushed aside: people. Whether they’re your employees, managers, or clients, the company you run couldn’t exist without them.

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Play Your Way All Four Seasons with FTS’s Unique Structure and Variety of Toys

If you love playing in the great outdoors like we do, you’re probably also tempted by the plethora of great toys and vehicles available.

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Find Flexibility and Ease of Use with Fractional Toys and Our New Website

You deserve the best possible experience with our wide range of boats and recreational vehicles, and our digital makeover helps that happen. Intuitive navigation, descriptive infographics, and interactive features help you find the information you need for your next adventure.

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Don’t Miss Out on Snowmobile Season – Get in on the Fun with Fractional Toys!

Snowmobiling in Minnesota combines the beauty of a scenic winter landscape with exhilarating speed and exploration.

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