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We're excited to take our successful business model and offer it as a first-of-its-kind, all-season outdoor recreation franchise.

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Combine your passion for the outdoors with an exciting business opportunity!

Rick Barstow, Founder of Fractional Toys, has taken his experience in rental and purchasing operations, combined with his passion of bringing the great outdoors to everyone, and created an exciting business opportunity for the right candidate.

By offering a complete fleet of outdoor equipment, our Fractional Toys model caters to a wider variety of customers by taking their high cost of owning all these toys away and making them available at a fraction of the price. Your fleet is customized to your geographic area and region.

Using Rick's experience as an equipment buyer, Fractional Toys is able to minimize your cost of equipment to start and then maximize your sale price when you are ready to sell or upgrade.

Side x Side Ice Fishing Shack Boating


We strive to provide the highest quality fleet and experiences for our customers and we expect the same from our franchise partners. Newer, diversified fleets give our customers a wide choice for every season to create those memories with family, friends, and colleagues.

Our Products may vary slightly by region and location, but our same commitment to quality and service continues throughout the franchise and across the country. We have a wide variety of revenue streams no matter what your fleet.

  • Memberships - With a fleet of desirable products, memberships help drive growth, makes revenue more consistent, and create customers for life. We have different levels of memberships to fit any budget.
  • General Rentals - Making our fleets available to the public are at the heart of what Fractional Toys is all about. Outdoor enjoyment for less and without the hassle.
  • Corporate Rentals - Why have the same meeting or team building event? Guided tours and corporate memberships means engaging, fun, and different team building and benefits for companies to offer their team
  • Concerts, Events, Festivals - There are always events in your area that need short term housing for their vendors, supports teams, and talent. We partner with them to provide everything they need.
  • Accessories - We carry a full line of accessories to make that trip even better. From interior and outdoor supplies to safety equipment, we aim for the best experience available anywhere! We can even deliver!
  • Extensive Home Updating - Yes, we’ve done this too. When the house is being renovated to the point that living there doesn't make sense, we can deliver a trailer right to the driveway until the project is completed.
  • Disaster Housing - We hope it never happens, but we can be there for short and long term housing assistance for those who need it.
  • Philanthropy - Every great company helps those around them and works with partners to help out those in need and assist with fundraisers.

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