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So what does it take to rent fun? We're happy to answer any and all questions you have as you consider joining the Fractional Toys franchise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Fractional Toys founded?

Founded in 2014 by Rick Barstow in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Do I need experience in rentals to become a franchisee?

No need. Our training program will give you the tools and training to be a successful operator.

Do I need to be mechanical to have a franchise?

It does help, but since our fleets are so new, most items are taken care of by warranty. Most franchisees have some skill or develop them by repairing or maintaining some of the small items that happen. Anything major would be through the dealers or with certified techs through your insurance.

How Much does it cost to open a Fractional Toys franchise?

This is outlined in the FDD and Franchise Agreement. There are many factors that go into the cost, but generally speaking, we estimate between $130,000 and $600,000. The main reason for this large variance is size of fleet and whether it is purchased with terms or purchased outright.

How long is the initial training?

The initial training program is 5 days and takes place at our headquarters in St. Paul, MN. You will also have some prerequisites to complete before the initial training so we can hit the ground running with each new franchisee that will be taking part in training.

How large would my territory be?

Territories will vary in size based on geography, but we are committed to ensuring all franchisees have a large enough territory to expand their business as large as they wish. This is all determined along with you during our discovery process and before you would sign a franchise agreement.

Is there any financing provided?

Yes. As long as you qualify which is a condition of your franchise approval. We have two banks that are prequalified to do both SBA and traditional lending and understand our business.

What are the royalties and other ongoing fees?

Our royalties are 6% of your sales and technology fee is 1% of your sales. These are both paid monthly and the only current fees we have. An advertising fee for National advertising can be instituted by us after we reach 25 locations in the US. Details are in the FDD.

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